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God bless yahoo! says startup community as Yahoo approaches it’s 13th acquisition

Hell yeah! God bless Yahoo!! is the new shout from the Startup community. If you are having a good user base (at least in double digit millions), doing innovative in Mobile or Local search based services or have a platform that would lure advertisers, then you can be on the wishlist of Yahoo. No wonder if you wake up next morning and find Marissa Mayer standing at your door step with the bags full of money.

Yahoo on the way to its 13th acquisition post Marissa Mayer, has submitted a bid to buy Hulu. Couple of days back it acquired Player Scale, an infrastructure based  cross gaming platform.

For Startups Yahoo has become a saintly figure in the alleys of valley. Since October 2012, Yahoo has been on hunt for startups across various domains. Continuing its spree for the talent and expertise, Yahoo in its 12th acquisition took over  gaming infrastructure startup Player Scale recently.

PlayerScale which was snagged in an undisclosed amount develops infrastructure software for cross-platform gaming giving publishers and aggregators the ability to scale across casual, social and mobile platforms.

Jesper Jensen, CEO, Player scale announced the acquisition in a blog post adding that the platform will continue to serve more games and products for its users. Player Scale seems to continue its services unlike other start-ups which were shut post Yahoo acquisition.

Founded in 2011, the california based startup has over 150 million users across 4,000 titles from over 2,600 developers worldwide which is why Yahoo included in its bouquet as it plans to monetize on the network of each of its acquired cos.

Of $4.18 bn cash yahoo has in hand, it spent 1/4th in acquiring Tumblr and now is in a mood to spend the leftovers as it entered in a bid to buy Hulu, the video site which offers high quality videos of T.V and movies, reports All Things D.

Hulu which is owned by News Corp, Disney and Comcast was on a sale in June 2011 but the deal was terminated after few months as no one came close to the expectations of owners of Hulu who demanded $2 bn-$4 bn .

Hulu has clocked $695 mn in revenue in 2012 with a 65% growth from the last year. With 3 million plus paid subscribers it served 1000 advertisers in 2012 , also 28% up from last year. With such no.’s and popularity among advertisers, Hulu is the new favourite of Yahoo who is buying anything and everything that has traction and can bring it back in the Advertisement business.

But how far will yahoo go after its ambitions with the leftover limited resources (though $3 bn is a lot of money) and what next after Hulu?

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