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Firstpost acquires Fakingnews, a Network18’s online news platform has announced its acquisition of FakingNews, an Indian satire & humor news website with undisclosed amount.

Talking about the acquisition, Durga Raghunath, VP (Products) at Web18 comments that, “Our first step into this future, is the acquisition of Faking News, a site that has defined satire and humour writing in India…Our strong belief is that those who are digital news addicts, are also those who have an enormous appetite for satire.” Firstpost believes that Faking News has established itself as a social and interactive news platform, which provides public opinion.

The domian is now working under, and it is still suppose to function as a standalone team.

“News satire requires a reference point of real news, and with Firstpost, Faking News could afford to continue its focus on “news satire” and get the right environment to grow in the digital space.” believes Rahul Roushan the founder of faking news.

Founded in 2008 by Rahul as a news-satire blog in India, Faking News is one  its kind content portal. It provides fake news reports and tries to be sarcastic about various elements of Indian social life and news media. Faking News also ventured in inviting users to write for the platform as, which received a good activation among its community and increased its base.

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