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Facebook now earns 30 percent of advertising revenue from mobile

Facebook did some exciting things in Q1 2013 which kept  the social media giant in news from past couple of months, following the pattern, Facebook yesterday announced results for Q1 2013, ending on March 31st 2013. According to the findings FB now has more than 1.11 billion monthly active users and 665 million daily active users. The figures are appealing  as it has been a rise of more than 25% (approx) in the user patterns.

Facebook Business Highlights Q1 2013

1. Major Acquisitions in Q1 2013

Company Acquisition Date Company function Location
Atlas February 28, 2013 Atlas Advertiser Suite Seattle,Washington
Hot Studio March 14, 2013 Design agency New York, NY, San Francisco, CA
Parse April 25, 2013 Mobile app backends San Francisco, CA

2.  Launched Facebook Home, a mobile experience for android that puts people before apps and makes the phone a more social experience

3. Instagram reached 100 million monthly active users in the first quarter of 2013

Seems Facebook has managed to break the code when it comes to mobile, findings reveals that Facebook Mobile Monthly active users are increased by 54% year over year accounting to 751 million mobile  users.  Increase in Mobile users also increases the share of Mobile advertising revenue  with Mobile now contributing 30% to the total advertising revenue.

In terms of revenue Facebook reported an increase of 38% from the same quarter last year with total of $1.46 billion. Advertising which is the main revenue source for the giant counted 85% of the total income at $1.25 billion an increase of  43% increase from the same quarter last year.

It will be interesting to see how Facebook will increase it’s revenue shares from mobile in the coming times, with capitalizing on daily increasing subscriber base. As a report by eMarketer suggests that Facebook will make $1 billion from the mobile ad revenue in 2013 up from its quater1 earnings i.e. USD 0.38 billion.

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