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Employee referrals gets social boost with ZALP

While hiring new talent, it’s very important for a company to have a proper engagement process to make sure it hires a reliable candidate. On the same time the candidates also expect a two-way interaction with recruiters to build a trust factor. The whole process is generally costly and time consuming for both the parties.

Employee reference is one the most effective and reliable solution to get new people on board. ZALP, while understanding this need has developed a specialized SaaS (software as a service) based social recruitment tool.

With its user friendly interface, ZALP helps an organisation to unleash the true potential of its employees references. It works to help organizations to automate and streamline their employee referral program while at the same time, integrates it with the potential of social recruitment by using its social media capabilities.

Why Zalp?

It provides organizations a new and innovative referral platform for employee participation and satisfaction, which does not only provide companies an alternate to hire new talent, but also helps them in reducing the cost per hire and time to fill.

The company believes, despite the growing popularity of social media in recruitment, recruiters still couldn’t use it to their advantage. This is because most social media integrated recruitment tools don’t have a single point focus. But ZALP does.

So how does it work?

With its cloud based technology, the solution is easy to deploy. Once a company signs up, a login ID is created for the head of human resources. The login can be used to on board other employees to the system.

A recruiter can list details of the job along with the amount of referral bonus using a web based form. All employees can see the listed jobs. Employees who have signed up, can link their LinkedIn and Facebook profile to the system. When an employee finds a job suitable for a friend, they can either refer the job via email, LinkedIn or Facebook. They can also share the job on their Facebook and Linked or use traditional method of uploading the resume. 

As far as its competition is concerned, ZALP claims this “to be a novel concept” and says that there were some small-time players like “Hire plug” that started, but eventually shut down because they could not sustain, reason being, their high pricing model and comparatively unimpressive services.

Outside India the company is competing with Jobvite, Simplicant and few more. With ZALP already positioned itself in US and UK market, the company is also entering in Gulf countries.

Its features like the ‘ZALP Match’ and ‘ZALP Share’ help employees to find most relevant referral matches for a job out of his/her own social network connections. ZALP also gives employees real time updates on the status of their referrals right from the application to the selection stage.

The startup is funded by Pebstone (which also introduced Imlee – a family networking online platform), a startup incubator creating new products and services in social media and mobile space. Pebstone is backed by Zycus and Aatish Dhedia, CEO of Zycus is the key investor in this whole entity.

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