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CampusTable, engaging college students for brand marketing

Brand engagement is the key to effective digital marketing for any advertiser. In light of that, CampusTable, a digital marketing platform has come up with innovative student-brand engagement technique, which marketers should consider if their TG’s are college students.

The startup provides brands an easy and cost effective way to engage with college students by providing its ad-unit called ‘Challenges’, which showcases a brand’s message coupled with a rewarding game/task for students to gain interaction.

Challenges, its engaging ad platform provide quiz and other brain teaser competitions which help brands target students with interest-mapping and thus ensure an effective engagement process for advertisers, unlike other traditional form of advertisements.  “It also helps an advertiser analyse the data generated, to market and sell better” added Paras Jain, co-founder at CapusTable.

It delivers mutual benefit to brands and its consumers through its brand engagement process, as consumers get rewards for the time they spend to play the challenge and brand gets to engage the users.

The website attracts more than 500 unique users each day and has around 10,000 registered users from over 900 colleges., The Chocolate Room India, and Aircel are a few top brands using its services, with many more in the list.

Anyone can play on ‘challenges’ but in order to claim the prize users must be registered with CampusTable, which they can do by simply signing up with their facebook account. The website also prompts the users to provide a valid student ID while claiming a prize.

Founded in May 2012, company believes that industry has a lot to offer. According to Paras, Students being smart consumers always look for cost effective avenues to buy products/service, hence provide a good scope to grow.

To market itself, the company uses social media, viral components in challenges and directly reaching out to colleges.  According to the company officials, its cost per engagement for 2-3 minutes is at a rate comparable to CPC’s on Facebook or Google. Further, the company charges CPA depending on the category of product or service.

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