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Buzzanytime, a SMS based micro search provider

In order to provide relevant search results for user queries, even Google has came a long way. But providing exact, anywhere, anytime answers in India where the internet penetration and its speed can be a bottleneck, Buzzanytime has come up with their SMS based micro query solutions which still works with a human touch.

Other companies providing SMS search service includes Just Dial, TxtWeb, SMS Gyaan and a few more, but Buzzanytime provides a little more flexibility to its users. How?

Its provide a semi-automatic process, which runs on cloud and answers routine questions instantly by crawling through various website as well as paid and free search engines. For complex questions, that goes out of scope for natural language processing or even due to spelling mistakes and abbreviations, Buzzanytime uses manual input, where support team comes in to provide a relevant answer.

As a result, it also provides answers to questions asked in Hindi and other native languages. The company is working to provide a quick response time for queries and currently handling around 350 messages on daily basis with 600+ repeat users.

Buzzanytime hope to acquire good base from Tier 2, Tier 3 cities in India, where penetration of telecom users are higher than the internet connections and also people find it easier to adopt the mobile. In just few months, the company has acquired customers from over 12 states including North East, Rajasthan, AP and many more.

Started with an initial investment of about 2 lakhs, Buzzanytime has also received $10,000 from Bangalore based accelerator – Kyron. In order to generate revenues, they have tied up with advertisers to include their ads in the text replies. It does not charge anything from the users.

In order to scale, the company will have to invest in advanced Artificial intelligence w.r.t. the query patterns they experience from the users. Also they will be investing in training and increasing additional customer support team at the backend. It will also move towards crowdsourcing the idea of human intelligence on their online website where normal users can answers to the questions. We wonder how it will work real time in order to achieve low response time.

Hoping not to land up as Quora, they will differentiate to provide enumerations for providing answers.

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