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Big data company, Opera Solutions LLP, raises USD 30 mn from Wipro

Wipro, India’s third largest IT company has  announced to invest  a corpus of $30 mn in a New Jersey based Big Data company Opera Solutions LLC to acquire a minority stake. It believes that Big Data provides an new opportunities  for business value creation and Opera Solutions contributes these capabilities that allows organisations to turn raw big data into strategic advantage, profit and productivity.

Opera Solutions founded in 2004, specializes in machine learning to extract predictive patterns, or Signals. Previously, it has garnered investments worth $84mn in September 2011 from  firms like Silver Lake Sumeru, Accel-KKR, GE Capital, Invus Advisors.

Big Data Solution companies  provide technology to handle datasets which are quintillion of bytes that is not possible to be managed by traditional database systems.To make sense and meaning of the so vast  information for the business intelligence purposes, Big Data is the platform to answer the questions that were earlier not possible to be thought about.

Leaders of both the organisation expressed solidarity on entering into strategic alliance.  Arnab Gupta, CEO Opera Solutions believes that this partnership will provide strategic asset to improve business outcomes. For, K.R Sanjiv, SVP & Global Head Analytics and Information Management, Wipro, it will help them to extend their leadership in Big Data Analytics Space.

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