Window Shopping – A new Trend in the Indian Ecommerce market

With ecommerce platform giving a wide range of products, users generally find themselves confused, jumping from one website to another, saving products in various wishlists and sharing them on social networking sites to seek advice. In an attempt to cut the process, few entrepreneurs have came up with a solution which allow users to discover, collect and share best products under one platform.

Sweetcouch, Scrapehere and Clipr are some startups which are leading their ways into the Indian eCommerce market. Despite of having similar business model, these startups are having no problem in acquiring a good customer base. These websites – in an effort to make the shopping an easy experience – provide the option of buying the product right away in a single click which takes the customer to the checkout page.

A unique and cool feature they share is the introduction of ‘Window Shopping’ in the online retail segment. The idea behind this feature is that while shopping online, especially in fashion and lifestyle products category, people select a product by the way it looks, rather than by reading its detailed information. These startups, therefore allow users to browse through several retailers’ products with a big, catchy product picture, its price and seller’s name on the product image.

Sweetcouch, founded by Rajesh Chokhani in September 2012 is witnessing a click through rate of 25-37% on its ‘Buy Now’ button and has succeeded in sending about 20,000 shoppers to various retailers till date.

Clipr, Mumbai based startup is showcasing products from around 20 etailers and enjoying a cumulative growth rate of around 10%. It has also been recently went through India-Quotient’s accelerator IQ Bootcamp.

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Based in Banglore, Scrapehere was launched in March 2013 and has already acquired 750 registered users. The startup has accounted approximately 20,000 page hits in the month of march.

Launched by young entrepreneurs, these startups are trying to be the ‘Indian Pinterest’ of online retail. May be the ideas are same, but these startups are trying to build their community and a strong presence in the Indian online retail market.

  • Ravikiran Annaswamy

    Dont forget, its a social shopping platform offering social discovery of products, expert and community curated catalog, partner products, shopping with friends .. many possibilities to make online shopping effective and close to real life shopping.

  • Ali Sajil

    You missed ! They started in Nov 2010 , have about 25000 registered users and about 50K Fans on facebook And provides more than window shopping experiance ,as they provide community based bargain with the merchants ( New trend in the Ecom industry Now they are redesigning the UI and this will be live in Early June!

  • avinashjain

    with the help of features from payment gateway like SNIP of CCAvenue, it has become much easier for merchant to promote or market their product from point of view of window shopping by directly sending customer on the payment page instead of shopping website. Furthermore the Ecommerce merchants can now even think to sell their product through unconventional medium like messaging service (eg. Whatsapp) or moreover by using QR code

  • Ankur Sethi

    You missed!

  • Rishabh Kumar has also recently launched a section to their product, allowing users to browse through branded products across the online space….