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Update: Twitter launches #TwitterMusic

Twitter decides to launch its music app this weekend,most probably Friday. The app is powered by technology built by We Are Hunted. As per the reports, We are hunted have already been acquired last year, but twitter comes with the announcement officially yesterday. The service creates a kind of Billboard chart for online music, monitoring popular songs on blogs, social media, message boards and BitTorrent. Users can stream music, create playlists and share their favorites on social media via SoundCloud.

The app, to be called Twitter Music is expected to arrive as an iOS app with following sections: Suggested Music, a #NowPlaying section that tracks the hashtag among Followers, Popular and Emerging. One aspect of the app artists are sure to like -users can follow them on Twitter directly from Twitter Music.

Unlike Vine, the video sharing app that released in January, where Twitter bought an existing product and added it to its portfolio, Twitter’s standalone music app will suggest tracks based on data gleaned from users’ accounts, including the accounts that they follow.

The TwitterMusic account has been reported to have 2.3 million followers. It will be worth watching where twitter lays off its ground with players like Facebook, Pandora and Spotify in the market.

The microblogging site since its launch in March 2006 by Jack Dorsey, has become one of the ten most visited websites on the Internet, and has been described as “the SMS of the Internet.”

We Are Hunted, whose free music discovery service remains available, was created by a group of Australian software developers in 2009. The team has also released a series of music discovery apps for smartphones and tablets, including Music Hunter for iPad and SuperSonic for iPhone.

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