The importance of product descriptions and cataloging for ecommerce

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Do you own a professional ecommerce website? Are you selling your own items and products to a worldwide audience? It is really amazing how far you can go once people begin to start purchasing your products and more people learn about your offers.

But the biggest problem that most ecommerce businesses face is not knowing how to boost their conversion rates. Some entrepreneurs don’t understand the importance of having an attractive and enticing product description for their items and a nice catalog for their viewers to browse through.

Let’s face it, if you cannot entice people to buy your products, your site will fail, no matter how much money you pour into advertising it. And the truth is that having a successful ecommerce is all about making your visitors desire and want to buy your products.

You need to convince them that your products are what they need right now, and also it’s imperative to communicate through words that he would get what he sees, in other words What You See is What You Get ( WYSWYG ). Ultimately it all comes down to having the right combination of design and copy throughout your ecommerce site.

Here are some reasons this is so important

Well-written product descriptions entice the right customer

The truth is that a well-crafted product description can make it easier to entice your visitors to click on the buy button and place an order. Your product description is all you have to grab their attention in as little time as possible.

A great description can convince your visitor to either buy a product right away or exit the page and go elsewhere. Keeping it short but interesting, definitely helps in improving sales conversions.

It’s all about knowing how to write excellent direct sales copy that speaks of the product’s benefits, not of its features.

Avoid losing out on sales

It is true that, without a good product description, you are losing out on sales. Three to four well-crafted sentences are all that is needed to get their attention. It’s those few short sentences that can grab their interest and cause them to buy instantly.

Good copy indicates professionalism

Great copy is also all about demonstrating your professionalism as a business. A professional website helps buyers trust you more and makes them more willing to whip out their credit cards.

With copy that reads and converts well, your site will gain an edge in terms of being more professional. It is not uncommon for visitors and potential buyers to avoid placing purchases on websites if the site design is cheesy and the copy is hard to read and comprehend.

An interesting catalog enhances the browsing experience

Your catalog needs to grab the attention of your viewers and potential buyers. Your products should be clearly visible and be presented as aesthetically and attractively as possible. Interesting photos, fun designs, and professional descriptions can all come together to bring about the perfect sales ratio.

How To Create A Good Product Description

Get professional writers

Hiring a professional copywriter is vital to create product descriptions that result in the best conversions. A professional writer can be expensive, but extremely worth it in the end. Writers who understand the basics of writing direct sales copy are your best bet.

Split test copy

It also helps to get a writer who can assist you in split testing different product descriptions, so you can select the ones that work best. Your conversion ratio will increase quickly with a bit of tweaking.

Ensure your copy is free of errors

Your ultimate goal should be to write copy that is free of grammar and spelling errors. Having errors in your copy can adversely affect your customer’s experience and impression of your website. Once the copywriter is done with writing your copy, have an editor go over it to proofread it and ensure it is error free.

Having a successful eCommerce site is not an easy thing to achieve. There are always aspects of your website that can use improving. But having a well-designed and attractive catalog combined with well-written, benefit-laden copy will set a good foundation for your success.

(About the Author: Rajesh is the CEO & Co-Founder of He has Launched one of the earliest E-commerce venture in India called in 1998 with COD. His vision is to create a “Worldclass E-commerce business focussed on Customers Delight on Top”.)

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    Agreed with all the points and would like to add that well written content also helps search engines to connect you with right buyers. Good content means good ranking and more relevant traffic.

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