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Text message app, Plustxt raises funds from Mumbai and Bangalore Angels

Bangalore based, Plustxt Mobile Solutions has raised undisclosed amount of funding from Mumbai and Bangalore Angels. Founded in 2012, Plustxt provides an app which allows text messaging in any of the Indian language as well as language keyboards. It claims to be the fastest than any other text messaging app.

The application is optimized for Indian languages and is available in Hindi, Marathi, Malayalam, Gujarati, Punjabi, Kannada and Tamil for sending and receiving text messages in a language that both sender and the recipient are comfortable with.

How to Use

Plustxt is a free application available at the Google Play Store. One just need to download it and specify the language option, and start messaging. With this it also keep users public identity private by not disclosing their real phone number.

Apart from the regional language features, Plustxt also provide robust privacy controls, secure storage, and a high-speed messaging platform offering integrated IM and SMS.

Plustxt was founded by IIT-Kharagpur and IIM-Calcutta alumnus Pratyush Prasanna. It was one of the Final 11 of the Microsoft Accelerator Program for Windows Azure.

In India where there are large number of people speaking distinct languages and majority of them communicating in their own native language, an application allowing users to communicate in their very own language or in language of their choice has a potential to revolutionize mobile text based communication.

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