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Ten percent of all web ads are never actually seen, says Google

Often advertisers remain in dilemma that whether their ads were seen by the people? Or whether it managed to reach people? Google, had recently revealed one of it top secret, stating that 10% of the ads are never seen by the people.

A blog post by Neal Mohan, Vice President, Display Advertising, Google, stated that, about 10% of the ads appear at the positions which is not been seen by anyone. These ads are called as the “below the fold,” means that these ads appear at the bottom of the web page, and as user never prefer scrolling down till that point so these ads usually goes unnoticed.

Google, to check how viewability impacts clickthrough, compared ads by the number of seconds they appeared on screen and got the following conclusions:

1. Users click up – to 21 times more on the viewable ads.

2. Viewing ad for a longer duration, also boost click through, Google found that if a ad is seen for more that 20 seconds it leads to increase in click-throughs by 125%.

A report by Comscore, “Digital Future In Focus report for 2013,” also suggests some similar trends, according to it, out of around 5.3 trillion ads shown in 2012, 3 of 10 are never seen by the people i.e. 31% of ad impressions goes unnoticed.

Why Viewability is important?

Viewability is the most important building block for a brand, and is directly correlated with click-through’s as if one didn’t see the ad, definitely there wouldn’t be any click-through. Neal stated that viewable impressions act as an important foundational improvement in digital measurement and step toward comparability with other electronic media. It helps to improve the value of marketers’ spend, and of publishers’ sites.

So its important for the brands to properly shape the metrics for viewability since if it is managed poorly, it could be harmful for the business. The google’s answer to the above stated problem is Active View, a tool for the marketers which helps to rate ads for their actual viewability and to measure whether an ad is viewable on screen or not.

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