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Startup Showcase: Voice Tree – Reducing the Door Rejections for Ecommerce

Product Rejection is one of the biggest challenges for the eCommerce companies in India. Voice Tree, in an attempt to deal with this problem, is providing cloud telephony services. It is helping e-retailers to avoid any delivery hassle in the end with the help of an automated call process to make sure that the consumer is still willing to receive the ordered product. With automated call process, Voice Tree is replacing the practice of manual call confirmation over the cloud and hence delivering speedy operation at lower cost.

Started with Voice Jadoo  an IVR based ICTD service  for Rural and Semi urban India, Voice Tree Technologies now have more than 5 service offerings in different Sectors inc ecommerce, SME’s, Rural Marketing.

 Its ‘Cloud Based Automated Confirmation system for Cash on Delivery’ or Precisely known as CODAC is a kind of service for ecommerce Companies where an automated outbound call is generated to a customer for the conformation of its COD order. For eCommerce companies, CODAC manages and automate their manual call confirmation over the cloud which can put some process in place.

What is the technology behind CODEC?

CODAC is build upon VoiceTree’s in house developed cloud telephony engine TIRE. It allows to deploy any process or flow in couple of hours, without writing a single line of code. “TIRE has been tried and tested for quite a time with various applications in Indian market” added Ankit Jain, founder of Voice Tree.

Company has now diversified the offerings with Pending Order Confirmation, Before Dispatch Confirmation and NDR conformation as other services in the bouquet targeted to eCommerce Sector.

Where Pending Order Confirmation Service is allowing Online Retailers to tap the customers who are lost due to error in transaction process, before Dispatch service is helping to cut down the reverse pickups by automatically confirming from the customer before the dispatch is done. NDR on the other side is helping Logistics providers and Courier companies in making sure that the customer is available to accept the product on a particular delivery day.

Voice Tree, at the moment, has over 60 clients; out of those 15 are eCommerce companies including big players like Snapdeal, Lenskart, Cilory and FreeCultr. Founded in November 2010 with an initial investment of around USD 30,000; the company has managed to increase its team size to a total of 18 employees.

In order to scale up the business, the company is looking for an outside funding of USD 3 million and is currently talking to a few VCs. Currently, Voice Tree is burning out the money but the business is picking up the pace and will definitely do better in the future, claimed Ankit.

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