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Launched in Feb 2013, is a NewDelhi based venture, a first of its kind in eretail of safety products. The founders, Vikas Bagaria, Sourav Bagaria and Harshal Agarwal believes that Indian mindset doesn’t really prioritize safety like in west, and with their products, they tend to bring in a mindset shift towards leading a fearless life, a life of adventure, while at the same time ensuring safety of our loved ones and our investments wherever possible and minimizing our risks.

The company is having around 250+ products in its catalogue with categories ranging from Self Defense, Personal Safety, Child Safety, Sports Safety and Gadget Safety and are following ‘Stock and Sell’ model. The products are unique in their own way such as the Laptop/ Tablet/ Camera backpacks or cases are sourced from Pelican which are crush proof and water resistant apart from sporting a “Guaranteed for life” label or like the Resqme car safety tool which may well be the difference between life and death for a lot of people stuck in a car in an emergency.

When asked about the market opportunity, SafetyKart team said “ rather than a market opportunity, we see it as a responsibility of spreading awareness about safety in the society and asking them to be proactive about it. Now with increasing internet penetration, we feel quite confident about the relevance of our products and the niche we are carving out for ourselves”.

Currently enjoying the First mover advantage with more or less no major competitor in line, the start up is quite boastful of its unique product line along with exclusive distributorship of these products in Indian subcontinent. A website dedicated exclusively to the user safety needs comes to be the unique feature for the company.

SafetyKart is currently using a holistic approach in marketing and is using social media, blogging, SEO’s, etc. to gain its consumer base. As of now it has managed to make its influence in the south and is getting high demand of products from there with 300 unique visitors per day. However, Northern India is still reluctant to their safety needs and has shown less potential for the company to gain business from there.

The start up is currently self funded and as such have no plans for raising funds in the first year. The company is currently partnered with India post, First flight, FedEx services, EMS, Blue Dart and for shipping and logistics, in order to provide door step delivery at lowest possible prices.

With a team size of 10, the biggest challenge company faces at the moment is educating the customers about the importance and relevance of these products. According to SafetyKart COO Harshal Agarwal, human mind prioritizes safety if it has witnessed or experienced a tragic accident in the past otherwise safety as a concept is discounted and does not register very highly with the human mind. For example, after the horrific events in December in Delhi, there’s been a rush to buy pepper sprays because everyone was shocked to their bones with the events. Nobody bothered to buy pepper sprays for the women in their lives before that.

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    This is a great initiative that Safetykart has started. India really needed this. I loved the Barton Door Block (Slam door protector) and ResQme Car Safety Tool. All best best to Safetykart Team.

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