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Snapdeal launches ‘TrustPay’ to safeguard consumers and build brand trust

In order to serve its customers, Snapdeal has recently launched TrustPay to guarantee 100% cashback in case the customer is not satisfied with buying experience or the product quality on Snapdeal.

Trustpay will cover issues like, one paid for the product but didn’t receive, received damaged/defective product or a product that does not comply with the specifications as per the original order and in case received a product with which you’re not satisfied because of fit/size. It can be a strategy to manage customer issues properly and build online trust for shopping from Snapdeal Sellers. It will also act as a safeguard mechanisms for the customer money in a marketplace model.


  • Trustpay will guarantee refund If order is not dispatched within 3 business days after the promised shipping date and also gives full flexibility to cancel order till the time product is dispatched.
  • Payment will be held with TrustPay till the time product is delivered and till one is completely satisfied with the product quality and Seller’s payment is released only after when the customer has confirmed the product has been received in good condition.
  • In case of non-satisfaction of the product being delivered within 7 days of delivery, TrustPay will resolve complaint end-to-end within 30 days from the day the complaint is raised.
  • When a complaint is raised for a delivered product, the seller is paid only after the issue is resolved and you are satisfied with the resolution.

Payment will be refunded by Trustpay by providing Snapdeal Cash for amount less than Rs 1000 and for amount more that 1,000 refunds will be made by Cash, cheque or bank transfer depending on the mode of payment used at the time of placing the order.

With the launch of such a trust mark and service, Snapdeal will be focussing towards working out their marketplace model, which can be difficult to provide customer experience than inventory model. Similar is the approach with other marketplaces but Snapdeal has moved one step further to capitalize this aspect to attract more buyer.

What will be the vendors and customers reactions towards such a service will have to be seen.

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    SNAPDEAL: Ponzi Scheme – Biggest Mistake – A Fraud – A Thug – Trust Pay Means Nothing – Please Do Not Trust

    Order no: 2485294102 Complaint No: 8197846

    They did not pack a laptop worth Rs 50437 properly.
    No coordination with their Courier who returned their product to them without delivering it to me.
    They did not initiate refund in 7 days and kept lying everyday that I
    will receive my money tomorrow. The tomorrow hasn’t come in 7 days yet.

    executive: Pradeep Tripathi promised me today that refund will be
    initiated within 48 hours.I will get the money after further 5-7 days.
    Please pray that I do get my money.

    I believe they are working on a business model which allows
    them to raise money interest free for short term by taking orders and
    not fulfilling them and making your refund after weeks till they need
    the fund. Its a fraud scheme.
    They will not read your emails, will seldom reply and in case they
    do reply, they have a pre formatted reply which they will forward
    without answering any of your questions
    they will keep you on
    hold for hours and will waste your time and will not help your in any
    manner and will give you false assurances.
    I request you to not be fooled by them and do not buy products at Snapdeal.
    have caused me losses due to laptop not available on time, Blocked my
    funds for half a month as of now, My time which I have wasted on your
    amazing customer care, mental harassment caused by you.

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