ShopeeMall, providing a virtual offline shopping experience

ShopeeMall is an online shopping platform which provide shoppers a physical shopping experience through its marketplace model by features such as bargains, 3D Mall and more.

It allows users to negotiate price with merchants, track their current order status, ask for replacement and see offers and promotion by several offline stores in India. Just like how it works in the world of offline shopping.

With a broad category selection, the website allows simple user-interface and user-experience design and makes it easy to use for shoppers. The website has around 4500 products listed on it and has a projected target of 25k to 45k products by the end of April. Its products’ price ranges from as low as INR 150 to INR 25000.

Their USP

Talking of its unique features like ‘Smart shopping’ and ‘Store Ad’ which makes online shopping easy and more fun, the company is yet to launch ‘3D Mall’ and ‘Offline Store’.

Where ‘3D mall’ will provide a unique experience of 3D environment for shopping, ‘Offline Store’ will help brick and mortar retailers to get sales and visibility. Shoppers can use this feature to shop, get coupons, movies and events tickets.

One of the most interesting feature which makes ShopeeMall stand apart from other online marketplaces is ‘Bargain’. It allows customers to negotiate the products’ price with merchants. Despite of being a common practice in offline shopping, its quite an unusual thing to find online.

ShopeeMall vs the competition

eBay , Snapdeal, Shopclues are its potential competitors along  with Flipkart entering in the field. Though its founders seem to be in high hopes with the type of industry and the kind of response they are getting. ShopeeMall, initially self funded, is now actively looking for an investment of $3.5M to $5M for further development, marketing, manpower and expansion plans. The company is also developing its m-website and apps. Not only that, they are also working to provide their own logistic services in future with a vision of same day delivery in some cities.

Also as per Deep Sharma, founder at ShopeeMall, there is a huge market for a marketplace model in a country like India, where retail industry is not organized. Since the launch  ShopeeMall has managed to get a daily hit of 2000-3000, without any source of marketing.

So there is a long way to go for Indian eCommerce and now with players like Reliance Communication launching a new concept of a marketplace model, there will be a delight to watch how this marketplace scenario shapes up in the future.

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    Reliance Communication launching a new concept of a marketplace model is not at all comparable to any full fledged marketplace like As Reliance Communication marketplace is powered by martjack marketplace which is their own client interface model (all website are martjack client having e-com website running under martjack banner and thus is not a differentiating marketplace) whereas is a venture of Krinutana Technologies Pvt. Ltd. who has their own team of Developers, Strategists, marketing team, product manager, customer service cell and operation team. However, the big question is how this marketplaces truly innovate on customer engagement , superior customer support which is only desired for a customer like us.

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