Sell on Faceboook- the ‘could be’ future for eCommerce

Having an alternate store on facebook, the home for over 1 billion people, could now help your ecommerce business to grow even more. Where on one side, setting up an online store on facebook page give ecommerce companies an alternate presence to their store with much convenience, on other side it provide its diehard fans – an option to shop without interrupting their Facebook experience for even a minute.

There are several global companies which help ecommerce player to easily set up their facebook store, manage products listings & sales on Facebook page like Onigi, Soldsie, Shopify and many more. In the similar ecosystem, a malaysian based company Instapps has recently launched its services, which helps merchants to set up an online storefront within their Facebook page. It provides free services to merchants for uploading up to eight products on their Facebook page, beyond that limit it charges $9 per month.

These Facebook commerce solution providers help ecommerce companies to set-up their Facebook store within minutes, offers multiple payment gateway options – direct from their facebook page and provide full functional inventory system to easily manage their inventories.

Having a facebook stope helps online retailers to increase conversion from social media and grow their customer base. To shoppers it offers convenience, as they could shop from any mobile, or any device where they can see facebook. It also helps to consider other people’s comments before buying a product.

On contrary to that, where the whole idea seems quite fascinating and beneficial from a retailer’s as well as buyer’s point of view, F-shopping hasn’t been very successful as of now. A study by W3B revealed that only around 2% of the total facebook users have ever purchased something through the social network. Gigaom, in its article has suggested few interesting findings, why facebook hasn’t been very successful for retailers so far,  but could be successful platform for e-tailers in coming time.

There is no shortage of positive and negative opinions regarding the future of selling on Facebook, but one overwhelming motivation is that when Facebook finds better way for brands to interact, we will see F-commerce to start growing and becoming a dominant platform for etailers.

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