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Online baby record book startup Little1 raises $80,000 in angel funding

Launched by Oneup Ventures, Kolkata based online baby record book startup Little1 had raised $80,000 in angel funding from an private NRI investor. The startup deals in a new concept of compelling parents to preserve their child’s memories digitally through photo sharing, uploading etc. as an online baby book record. The company will be using funds for mobile app, marketing, increasing experience.

Presently the website has an engaging UI, with positioning towards first time mothers, or parents with kids between 0-7 years. Other features include online baby book record with various themes and customizable content which can fancy to the TG. It also includes video sharing, gifts and goodies.

Within three months of going live, the company had already got 17k likes on Facebook, and as per the company, it is adding up healthy membership base on a daily base traction.

Revenue Model

The company makes money through sales of the print version of the online baby record book and from the gift and goodies store. It would like to keep the site free of advertisements but may look at a freemium service depending on the kind of traction it sees on various features.

The company is maintains two kind of vendor relationships, firstly, it sources toys for the gifts and goodies section. Secondly, it outsources the baby book printing to a printing partner.

Over the idea behind Little1, Sabarish Nair, Co-founder, says,  “We would like to be a One Stop shop for all parenting needs especially to the new parenting community in India. We would be addressing their emotional need of preserving and sharing their Little1’s childhood memories in a secured platform, help them make Little1 a repository of memories, provide them channels to store important records and offer them a safe and convenient online shopping experience.”

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