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Netflix’s potential entry in India

The US based video-on-demand service provider Netflix may possibly be looking at an entry in the Indian market according to their job listing.

As per the listing, they are looking for linguists fluent in Hindi among other languages who have “the ability to translate and customize marketing, UI and content materials for the target market.” They are also looking for ‘an engineer to be the internationalization and localization evangelist at the company.’

Netflix is a subscription based video rental and online streaming model, it has also recently introduced original online content and now has more than 33 million global subscribers. During the 4th quarter of 2012 Netflix revenue recorded an 8% climb to $945 million.

Expanding to the Indian market would certainly seem like a viable step but it might be too late. So apart from being a well known brand name, what will Netflix be bringing that is new?

The Indian market has already produced its own versions of video streaming services. Reliance Entertainment owned BIGFlix launched their web streaming site in Jan 2012, Times Internet Ltd launched BoxTv in Sept 2012, Youtube and Google Play also made free and subscription based video services available to the Indian viewers and has iTunes which launched in India in Dec 2012.

Founded by Reed Hastings in 1997, Netflix has been expanding globally for the last 3 years and is currently operating in over 40 countries. In 2010 it launched in Canada, in 2011 throughout Latin America and the Caribbean and in 2012 it launched in UK, Ireland and the Nordics.


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