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Mebelkart – one stop shop for furniture and home decor solutions

In the recent trend of making everything available online, Mebelkart has joined the league by providing Furniture and Home Decor products in India. A Bangalore based startup, claiming to be ‘the biggest dealer in Beanbags and Office chairs’ provides a range of products including Bean bags, Seating, Home furniture, Kids furniture and Décor. With its simple user experience design, company is working with an aim to organise the entire furnishing and home decor space in India by providing its customers with a transparent pricing model, better design and more options at one place.

While understanding the need to promote itself being a new player in the market and in an entirely new segment, Mebelkart is continuously promoting itself using social media, blogs, newsletters & most importantly customer referrals. Launched in November 2012 with an initial investment of INR 10-15 lakhs, company is now actively looking to secure an outside funding in order to expand its operations.

Mebelkart provide products mainly from other offline vendors and has tie-ups with some of the major furniture companies like Durian,  Zuari,  MoBEL, Rhome and Wood Dekor. In order to make it a profitable business, the company charges approximately 20% commission on ordered products and in return helps a manufacturer to improve their sales & revenues, visibility, provide them on time payments from a customer and help them to acquire online customers.

Talking of what company claims to be their USP’s, the team mentioned about their quick product delivery which takes a maximum of 7-10 days anywhere in India, a come-along product warranty of 1-2 years on all products and a regular customer engagement/feedback service to make sure that customer is happy with the product.

Its founders are in high hopes with the kind of industry and the problems they are solving with Mebelkart. As provided by Rahul Agarwal, one of its founders, the overall market size in this industry is over $12.5 billion and with around 90% of that being un-organised, there is a huge scope and need for brands like Mebelkart in India, who could provide a reliable and good service to Indian consumers.

“With over 1000 products showcased on our website, we witness a daily traffic of 1500 unique customers on and have sold around 500 to 800 items in past 3 months. We are planning to get total revenues of around INR 1 crore by the end of 2013” added Rahul.

Mebelkart will be competing with several players trying to grab the opportunity for furniture online viz.,, Indian market for online furniture is slowly picking up but still faces the challenges as in regular ecommerce.

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