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Google ventures backed, launched in 155 countries, 32 languages, a venture backed by Google ventures and an initiative of Keith Teare, TechCrunch co-founder, recently launched its first messaging app for iPhone and iPod touch users in 32 languages across 155 countries, looking to head big in terms of gaining market penetration majorly in Asia.

The app is just like other social messaging platforms where you can gather as many friends as you want, send texts, photos, videos, etc. but with a USP, as it allows you to message anyone in your address book even if they are not having the app in their mobiles sets through sms and email and even via voice messages when the person is not available.

It also allows you to archive your photos, videos, and other lifetime memories for later use and comes with an additional feature of public broadcasting, like twitter.

“The time has come to put the user in control of their own social network, combining the best of social messaging with the best of social media. does this by providing a private cloud for each user to re-use their information and media as they want,” said Keith Teare.

The app will be facing severe competition with the existing social messaging apps like Whats app, Grouptime, Line, chaton and snapchat. Also with the upcoming messaging apps like wechat, which provide online sharing of video calls, is a space behind in attaining the desired attraction.

Founded in 2011 by Keith Teare and Jay Borenstein, raised its Series A funding of $4.2 million in 2011, backed by investors such as Google ventures, Khosla ventures, Betaworks, True ventures and many others.

Google ventures, a venture group founded in 2009 has more than 150 companies in its portfolio and it seeks to invest in variety of fields such as Internet, software ,healthcare,etc.

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