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GSF India partners with MIT, to bring its mentors to India

Startup accelerator, GSF India, after making deal with UK’s Seedcamp and US’s 500 Startup’s, has now announced its yet another association with MIT Accelerating Information Technology Innovation (AITI) to support the startup ecosystem in India.

GSF India along with MIT will be bringing founders and mentors from Boston India so as to send local entrepreneurs back on exchange. “The best talent from abroad can come to India and create a new global language here. Our doors are open to the brightest talent from the rest of the world and we’re hoping the world will open its doors to the brightest startups from India,” said Rajesh Sawhney.

With this partnership, Boston-based startups from the MIT Labs will get support from GSF’s network and resources and also help to expand locally in India. Whereas, GSF’s startups will get an access to the technical expertise of the MIT-based entrepreneurs and program managers. With this, MIT Ph.D. students will also get to mentor GSF startups in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Chennai.

GSF India is also looking to create a cross-border startup exchange with MIT’s Global Startup Labs. Till now it has sent about 160 MIT students to fourteen markets like Africa, Latin American and Asia. Those students work as teachers and mentors in training local undergraduates in these developing countries to start their own companies through a six to eight week incubation program.

Founded in 2000,  MIT Accelerating Information Technology Innovation (AITI) is a multidisciplinary group of MISTI (MIT International Science and Technology Initiatives) which promotes development in emerging regions by cultivating young technology entrepreneurs. It has organised 31 programs in 6 countries and has instructed over 1800 students. Startups like Rwanda’s first mobile startup, Hehe, and iChecki are the few that have come out of its program.

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