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Growing data need makes facebook to setup fourth datacentre worth $ 1.5Bn

Facebook is planning to build $1billion data center in Altoona, Iowa over a 1.4 million square feet area. As mentioned by company, this will be the “most advanced data center in the world.” The data center will be build in two $500 million phases, which after its completion is expected to hit a cost of around $1.5 billion in total.

With already having data centers in Oregon, North Carolina and one in Sweden, this will be Facebook’s fourth and most advanced, energy efficient data center ever. In addition to its outdoor-air cooling system and Open Compute Project server design, which Facebook has been using so far to get innovation and efficiency in its other data centers,  this new facility will have a new and improved building design, networking architecture and several other innovative features.

Why another data center?

Facebook, one of the leading social networks has over 1 billion people in its network. Every day more than 2.4 billion content items gets shared between its registered users. With so many people using facebook, and the network still growing, Facebook is having a need to open another data center to make sure that its technical infrastructure easily supports such an excessive amount of data, that the company will get in coming days.

But why Iowa?

According to a report by Des Moines Register, Altoona near Iowa (US) is one of the most suitable place for data centers due to its access to extensive interstate fabric-cable system that has already been installed in the city. Its in the proximity to adequate power and water utilities. The land is affordable and has low natural disaster risks. Apart from that, the location has an abundance of wind-generated power and thus would also help Facebook to win Tax credit for using renewable source of energy.

”Our goal is not just to deliver you a fast, reliable experience on Facebook every day – we also want to help make connectivity a universal opportunity. Our data centers are essential for making that happen…We plan to break ground this summer and expect to begin serving user traffic in 2014. ” said Facebook.

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