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Govt requires President for National e-Governance

Indian Government is hiring for the post of president and chief executive officer in its National e-Governance division who will be responsible to manage country’s governance projects. The job application has been made available on the Department of Electronics and Information Technology website for the head for National e-Governance Division under the Media Labs Asia. Currently, Shri V.L.Kantha Rao, an IAS, is serving as the president & CEO of NeGD, Media Lab Asia as mentioned on the website.

Fraught with uncertainty and doubt in last few years, due to corruption allegations within e-commerce programmers, the department is looking for a new executive for some change as “the idea is to revamp the department” said a senior government executive who is involved in the selection process.

To have the application considered, the applicant must have a minimum of 20 years of experience in the field of IT. The applicant must also have a good knowledge of technology forecasting and innovation management. However, the basic pay scale that the appointed person would receive is from Rs. 67,000 to 79,000 a month, which makes it considerably hard for the department to find such a qualified candidate at such a low salary. As private companies for such high level posts, generally invest comparatively much more to hire quality talent.

India, in 2013 is planning to spend some Rs36,800 crore on IT according to a report by Gartner. The government, apart from issuing Adhar to a large percentage of Indian population, is planning to invest some Rs 20,000 crore to help increase the broadband internet penetration in India.

The current state of e-Governance in India at the moment is not impressive at all. Not only that, the average internet penetration rate is equally poor in the country. With having 12% of internet penetration India is doing significantly bad in comparison to one of its biggest rival nation – China which accounts a penetration of 43 percent. This low internet penetration thus provide an unmatchable growth opportunity for the internet sector in India. But, the announced budget of Rs 20,000 to increase broadband internet penetration in the country is expected to help in improving the current internet scenario in coming years.

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