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Google Glass- First delivery batch soon to be dispatched

With Apple i-Watch rumors continue to spread all over the internet, Google in its attempt to make people believe that the device is for real – has announced that Google Glass will soon be available to its long anticipating customers. Google has recently sent a notification to those who are already registered in the waiting list of Google Glass, which says that “We’re seeing the first few devices come off the production line right now….We are producing enough for everyone, but only a portion of them are ready today. Therefore, we’ll be notifying you in waves”.

The idea is to start shipping the device as soon as possible rather than to wait until the company manages to manufacture enough pieces in order to satisfy its demand. The company has also claimed to send an email notification soon to those registered customers who are eligible to buy Google Glass in its first batch of delivery.  The Glass will be available on a price tag of USD 1,500.

Google Glass, one of the most remarkable piece of technology is a ‘wearable computer’ which serves the purpose of a Smartphone. It allows its user to connect and use internet by using natural voice commands. Google Glass allows taking photos and record videos on 720p or HD. It also includes several apps like – Google Now, Google Maps, Google+ and Gmail. In addition to Google based apps, Glass allows several third party applications including Twitter.

With its easy usability, Google glass allows its users to get driving directions, weather information, send messages, do translation and even receive flight information.

With its amazing technology and interesting features, concerns have been raised worldwide regarding intrusion of privacy. Its face recognition technology, allow users to identify the face of strangers and record and broadcast any private conversation. Glass is also facing several legal issues in various European countries and also operating motor vehicles while wearing Google Glass. However, despite of all safety and security issues Google Glass has raised in our hearts, it doesn’t seem to be affecting the craze that people have about owning a Google Glass in any way.

Google Glass vs. Baidu Eye

Baidu, china’s largest search engine has also developed a similar smart glass technology- Baidu Eye. The glass also consists of the facial technology feature like that of Google’s Glass. With Baidu, already having positioned itself as a rival to Google in its other technology services, the company has also made its way to several emerging international markets like Africa, Middle-East and South-America.

Though Google’s making its debut to the market, the competition that Baidu presents might hinge Google’s pricing strategy as these products will provide a similar technology to its users, in a comparatively reasonable cost.

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