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Google Fiber – 1GBPS Internet Is Now Possible

First, the Dial-up connection through telephone cables, then broadband through the network of optical fibers, and then wireless internet on mobiles. This is how the internet journey moves on. Currently, the maximum internet speed in world is 54.1 Mbps. In India, we started with a nominal speed of 256  kbps per second, reached up to 2-8 Mbps and now we are about to enter in the world of superfast connectivity with 1000 Mb per second.

NOW, with Google fiber in picture, nothing more is impossible now. Starting with the Kansas city in 2012, Google has plans to go for the global expansion of the fiber. Recently, Google fiber came to India at Kerala-based startup village, to give India its first 1Gbps connection network being the second place after Kansas to get the fiber.

What is Google fiber?

Two years back, Google came up with the project of Google fiber. Google fiber is a broadband internet network infrastructure which uses fibre optic communication to provide 100 times better internet connectivity than we are using today. It is providing both the internet service and the television service where Nexus 7 tablet will act as a remote control for the system.

Initially, Google has came up with the following plans for the users:

1) Free broadband internet option,

2) 1 Gbps internet option for $70 per month

3) Internet version that includes TV service for $120 per month.

Google has set up a website to pre-register for the service where one can choose plan accordingly.

How it is different?

With a speed of 1000 Mbps per second, any movie can be downloaded in just about 30 seconds, thus no more buffering, no waiting and loads of fun with instant video chatting. The internet with television plan comes with DVR which allows you to store 8 live programs simultaneously along with never ending 2 terabytes of storage along with 1 terabytes space in Google drive to save loads of files and 200 channels with crystal clear HD technology-all at one place alone. It will also be providing with free wi-fi at 802.11a/b/g/n speed including 3×3 MIMO antennas and dual concurrent radios.

How Google will be reaping benefits?

Google’s core business is search engine, where it receives its revenue from ad clicks. According to Internet entrepreneur Jason Calacanis, “Google Fiber is not a test, it’s a takeover plan.” The Google’s real plan with fiber-to-the-home isn’t necessarily the home broadband connection, but rather free WiFi attached to each of the routers installed to use its broadband. With this free WiFi network blanketing a city, it’s game over for the traditional telcos like AT&T”.

As per the experts, Google fiber will give Google an access to enormous amount of data with each click on Nexus tablet 7 or whenever user enters the internet network, tracking the pattern of internet usage by its customers. This let Google sit on a pile of very HUGE data, the importance of which is incomparable.

It will be interesting to watch how the Telecom companies  will be dealing with this new venture of Google. Although, Google has came up with this model only couple of places right now, Indian internet generation will surely be expecting its full fledged launch in India soon. With more than 100 million population and a country with third largest internet users, India will prove a much worthy destination for Google.

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    Hyderabad based Beam Fiber uses the same technology and its parent company ACT Broadband is doing well in the Bangalore Internet market. Soon it will expand and reach to most Indian States.

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      Just check the Beam Fiber. They have fair usage policy on all the plans. The Fair Usage Policy is the worst thing you can find in India. Even when it means unlimited. After a certain download limit you will find speed reduction and the reduced speed is around 512kbps or 1mbps. From 50mbps down to 1mbps is really worst. Then comes our nasty government. Do you think they will allow Google fiber setup free Internet easily in India?
      I am talking about places like Mumbai, Delhi, Hyderabad ( agreed that hyderabad has Beam Fiber but it comes with FUP.)
      My usage is around 50gb to 80gb per month on the internet normally and it goes to 200gb per month sometimes. Luckily I am on a private ISP who offers 10Mbps speed without FUP. But not all people enjoy it. Everyone should enjoy high-speed Internet and should have a connection which is truly unlimited.

      EDIT –
      I not saying Google Fiber will never reach India. It will reach but it will take a lot time. Like a LOT.

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        Yes man, i don’t know why most of the loggerheads don’t understand the word called FUP !!

        Beam Fiber / Act corp S**** because of FUP limits, and nowhere comparable to Google fiber !!

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    The points that you’ve mentioned are correct.But personally,I don’t think Google fiber will ”ever” come to india.Just think of it-‘have anyone in India used a broadband with unlimited transfer?”-No..Plus,the maximum speed that we could get is only 4 Mbps,16 Mbps only for places 600 meters close to exchange.I am Indian and I love India.but I doubt Google fiber will ever come to India.:(:(

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