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Facebook Home – A new face to your Android Phone

Facebook Home, a new Android app that replaces the standard home Screen of your phone will be available in the market soon. The idea is to give users the access to Facebook as soon as they take their phone out of their pocket. Home will provide updates with a full screen photos, notifications and other status updates.

Home works only on android version jelly Bean and Ice Cream Sandwich; older android OS won’t support it. It comes pre-installed on HTC First. Facebook also claims to make Home available on tablets within the next few months. Not only that, every month Facebook will add on some new features and updates in its new app in order to keep its user’s curiosity alive.

In order to use Home, users will have to install it from their Google app market, unless they buy a Home pre-installed phone. Facebook Home has three main components – Cover Feed, Chat Head and notifications. The Cover Feed will replace the lock screen by providing the immersive experience of Facebook. Chat Heads will provide the ease of texting and messaging friends; and notifications will help you to avoid any important information and keep you updated about what’s happening around your friend circle.

For information on how the app works and what kind of user data Facebook collects with this service, please visit the official FAQ page on Facebook website.

So far Facebook Home is unlikely to be available on Apple’s platform; and its only availability on Google app market has given advantage to Android phones. With this new app, Facebook is going to make Android phones a social device and giving Facebook’s die hard fans a good enough excuse to buy an android phone rather than an Apple.

As, the Facebook Home hijacks the home screen of an android phone. People will be forced to use Facebook all the time. This could end up minimizing the popularity of Google Plus, which already is getting a hard time from Facebook. The cover feed will display the updates only from Facebook and Instagram, which already takes up more time on our phones than Google Plus.

On the other hand, with having news feed always hovering one’s mobile phone, Facebook Home could be a pain for its users. Unless he/she really loves to be on Facebook all the time. But in order to make deletion an easy task, the app has provided the option to simply turn it off from the Facebook Home’s settings and make the things as they were before.

Those who are waiting to test Home eagerly, have to wait for some time. It is launching in US on 12th April and will soon be available in other international markets, but the dates of have not been confirmed yet.

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