5 reasons why PPC ads fail

Pay Per Click in today’s advertising industry is one of the lucrative options an advertiser can get. Compared to traditional banner adverts, PPC advertisements deliver far better reach, especially to new businesses who are struggling with the SEO rankings.

Being one of the most measurable online advertising techniques, it gives an advertiser complete control in his hand. As only those who are interested in a particular product clicks to access the ad, it allows the advertiser to reach a hyper target audience and thus provide a quick result.

Before investing in PPC advertising, Its very important to understand how to do it profitably and make sure that an effective ad has been placed in order to keep the consumers hooked. There are many reasons for PPC advertisements to fail.

1. Having Poor Click through rate (CTR) – Poor CTR is the biggest roadblock in a PPC advertisement’s success. Poor CTR cuts the traffic and increases Cost Per Click (CPC). CTR can be improved by managing keywords popularity and competition.

Instead of using very common keywords like ‘shoes’, keywords like ‘reebok sport shoes’ or ‘red color shoes’ provide better CTR.

Following the same example, generic keywords like ‘shoes’ draw more competition, resulting higher CPC and less chances to get clicked. And in case someone is looking for an exact product which comes under the category ‘reebok sport shoes’ or ‘red color shoes’ chances are – you’ll get most of the traffic directed to your website.

2. Having poor landing page – It is very important to have an attractive landing page for a PPC ad. Usually those who provide long and boring personal-information forms on their landing page end up in providing no exposure to the product. A landing page-

  • Should not include any information that deviates a user to another site.
  • Should have the ability to sell the product and services.
  • Should have crisp and clear information about the product.
  • Should be made keeping the demographics and psychographics of Target Audience in mind.

3. Having poor selection of Keywords – Keyword selection is the main draw point for PPC advertising. Less performing pay per click ads are generally those who do not have an effective keyword selection. Include keywords that are easy to guess and are most likely to strike in people’s mind when looking for a product. Following are some tips to have an effective keyword selection-

  • Always provide the keywords based as per the company’s products and services.
  • Identify the words that are easy to guess and are most effective to use on your website.
  • Keep updating the keywords as per the seasonality changes, competition and geographic variance.

4. Having poor content on the targeted website – A PPC ad should not include anything that confuses its viewers. The targeted website and the PPC ad should always give the same message.

5. Underestimating the competition – A competitive analysis before making PPC advertisements is very important. It helps in understanding what extra other competitors are providing and if they are bidding on a group of keywords that you have missed. The idea here is not to copy your competitor’s PPC ad, but to understand what extra can you add in your campaign in order to make your ad better than your competitor’s. Reviewing other competitor’s campaign helps in increasing creativity and provide effective new ideas.

PPC Good or Bad for your Business?

A PPC advertisement does not only saves time for a business in SEO to become discoverable in the keyword search, but also allows an easy campaign setup and generate immediate results. Businesses who seek immediate results and are not restricted with budget issues, should opt for a PPC campaign as it is fast and generate traffic. A notable disadvantage in PPC advertising is that if someone pays a higher bid than you, your position on the search engine results goes down.

Talking about PPC advertising market of search engines, Google enjoys a market share of 66% followed by 16 % of Bing and 13% of Yahoo. PPC is one of the fastest to get the traffic. But it demands much more time investment in order to create a successful campaign, else it can also become a money drainage.

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  1. 1

    PPC advertising also takes
    place on a wide variety of other sites but not to the same extent as search
    engines. It is search engine advertising; the advertiser would typically bid on
    a keyword so the PPC rate changes. PPC is one of the fastest to get the
    traffic. SEO refers to optimization of web pages so
    they would do well in organic search engine queries.

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    A lot many good points covered here.Glad that we have our in-house technology to create automated campaigns, millions of relevant keywords & adcopies at & avoid any of the mistakes covered above 🙂

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