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10 Exciting Non Retail Startups

The Indian market is booming with ideas, and the brighter ones are getting converted into technological inventions that are changing our lifestyle. And yes, not all of them have to be in the retail sector. Here we look at some of the recent start-ups that seem exciting and are aiming to change how we live.

Biosense, a medical device company focused on developing and commercializing screening and diagnostic tools appropriate for the developing world. Their non-invasive, mobile “ToucHb” technology enables instant, point-of-care screening and monitoring of anemia. Has just secured funding worth $500k from GSF India and Insitor Fund. Biosense

WeAreHolidays is into the leisure travel space. We are solving the problem associated with holiday planning. We are building human like intelligence into the system that helps people in personalizing the way they plan their holiday. We want to de-couple planning from the booking process. We feel planning is fundamentally a broken piece and often gets undermined because of booking. We add real value in the planning phase and becoming neutral on the side of booking. We usher a flat booking fee model. WeAreHolidays

Tripzmate, a travel social network where the users can add their travel plans and find other people with the same travel schedule. They can interact with them online and later meet them in person. It is a one point solution for your boredom during your journey as it helps connect with interesting people who have similar travel plans. Tripzmate

Clipr is a personalized magazine of products for window shopping and gift recommendations. Clipr

Langhar is a web/mobile app to discover delicious and nutritious dishes cooked by real people at their amazing homes. It’s more fun and economical. It’s AIRBNB for food. Langhar is a trusted community marketplace enabling common people (housewives, hobbyists, professional cooks) to convert their homes into unique restaurants to earn extra income, also it helps foodies to taste the flavors of a variety of cuisines from all over the world. Further they can experience different cultures by making new friends and having fun.  Langhar

Motor Paneer helps you find your ideal car by matching information about yourself, your family and travel habits and your needs. Helps you find and understand deals and shows the ones relevant to you. Helps with  do’s & don’ts about buying Accessory kits’ and ‘Value packs’ and becomes the middleman instead of the car dealership salesman and helps with deals, bookings and follow ups. MotorPaneer

Papyrus Editor helps you create ebooks. Papyrus gives you a very simple online editing interface to create your books and lets you create them in pdf, epub and kindle formats.Import the contents from the web. Convert your blog to a book in one click, has a cover designer to create beautiful cover page in minutes and helps you sell via Gumroad. Share your ebook with your readers, collect feedback. Use simple reports to gauge reader interest. Papyrus Editor

Eash Mart enables the user to pay anyone, anytime, anywhere through a mobile or landline, smartphone app, or the website, by adding their credit or debit card to the Eashmart account. Eashmart


Codelearn is a platform which teaches programming by building applications than teaching the syntax of a programming language through a variety of interactive web-based courses. The company is currently in the beta stage. Codelearn

Eduflix is test preparation made easy, for students without access to good teachers. PowerPrep creates a personalized problem-solving experience using its  adaptive technology platform. Powerprep provides real time feedback to students, enabling them to monitor progress and see instant improvement in their test-scores. Eduflix

Startups are developing technologies further in fields of health and medicine, the education sector is slowing and steadily coming online, entrepreneurs are looking for solutions in traveling, and most of these ideas are being connected to the social media sphere to bring a sense of connectivity among people. Watch this space for more startups and entrepreneurs that are coming up.

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