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“Print media not making money online”, Jawhar Sircar, CEO, Prasar Bharati

“Print media not making money online”, said Jawhar Sircar, CEO, Prasar Bharati while expressing his concern over revenue generation by the media industries through online platform, at a seminar on future of the print and electronic media, organised by the Indian Chamber of Commerce.

According to him, newspapers are still giving revenues to the print media industry, and people still prefer a morning newspaper rather than the digital content. He said that though the print was looking for online or digital platform for sustainability but online content accounts for even less than 5% of the total advertising revenues.

Like mobile made the landline irrelevant, the growth of digital medium is skyrocketing. Print and electronic media has to be conscious that digital media is not only here to stay but could well dominate the space in the days to come. According to him, wireless internet connection will register at least 350% growth by 2017 and internet users would touch 873 million.

Expressing views on the status of new media in India Sanjay Budhia, former president, ICC, said that the growth of new media has been tremendous with better access and smart devices. He also said that the youth are consuming and are getting more engaged with the digital content. Roopen Roy, vice-president, ICC was of the view that better uptake of 3G connections and 4G rollouts will further improve the growth of new media.

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