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Paul Singh, Partner at 500Startups starts

Paul Singh, Venture Partner at 500 Startups has stepped back from the daily role to start, a platform for funded startup to connect with and benchmark against their investors’ portfolios. has also raised a seed round of $750,000  from NextGen Angels.

The inception of the idea was made in 500Startups own requirements of bringing the community of mentors, founders and their teams together. Initially using products like Google Groups,  it became untenable when scale past a few hundred people in the network.

In 500Startups, Paul was also involved in building tools to allow portfolio to interact with each other via discussions/comments, office hours and private messages which now will be coming out as As per Paul, “Hundreds of funded startups use the platform daily to connect with the larger network of founders, employees and mentors within networks like 500 Startups, TechStars, Y Combinator, Startup Chile, Seedcamp and more”. It will now be released to the network of other investors signing up with AngelList.

500Startups has developed a keen interest in the Indian technology startups and done investments in TradeBriefs, Instamojo, Walletkit, Gazematrix and Zipdial. Its previous investments in India include cucumbertown, mygola and teleportme. Paul Singh is involved with 500Startups since 2 years.

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