Panel Discussion – Who owns Internet Retail Initiative in a Retail organization?

Who owns Internet Retail Initiative in a Retail organization? Panel discussion at Internet Retail Expo 2013, moderated by Ester Martinez, Editor, People Matters and the other two panelist included Hansa Sachdeva, Chief Marketing Officer, and Salil Sahu, CEO, HSIL. This panel discussion discussed how a brick and mortar can move to a digital play and not only who owns it, but also what are its challenges.

  • Launching an internet division, the real challenge is not creating a ecommerce division, but the real challenge is creating a team that leverages the internet to grow the business exponentially. It’s about multiple channels and integrating internet to all those channels.
  • Relook at whole business of technology; hire people who have internet vision and roadmap.
  • Not only e-tailing space is changing but entire ecosystem is changing continuously. The end objective is seamless integration or movement of customer from offline to online.
  • Companies should stop thinking themselves as either offline or online, as customers don’t think that way neither we can afford to. So the customer is not just an online customer, he is a multi-channel customer and has got a great digital experience.
  • The issue is that the people we are looking at must have a huge capacity for change this space is going to evolve so quickly and with so many ways that people who will be successful and thrive in it are people who can transform and manage change and can be tremendous transformational leaders in a sense and will need specialist at next level.
  • The ideal person you want to find for the internet retail venture: Recruiters try to find someone who is a perfect fit, there is a reluctance in building those people, and in retail it’s difficult to find someone who is ready good fit, one need to invest in finding someone for growing that talent pool, we have to grow and build that talent.

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