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Etailing in apparel registers 84% Y-O-Y growing traction

The Internet  Economy Watch report for the month of January 2013, released this month by the IAMAI indicated a noteworthy escalation in the branded apparel segment. E-tailing of branded apparels witnessed a y-o-y growth of 84% with January 2013 registering 7.79 million hits on various e-tailing websites as compared to 4.24 million hits in the corresponding period last year. The footwear and jewellery segment also indicated a y-o-y growth of 80% and 75% respectively in January 2013 when compared with the number of online hits in January 2012.

Source: IAMAI/e-Commerce sites

In the recent Google India Trends report, data resulted in similar conclusions. According to data compiled from Google Trends and online research conducted by TNS Australia, 2012 proved to be the tipping point for online shopping in India with shopping trends on Google showing 128% growth in interest and a greater contribution to online shopping from non-metros and Tier II and III towns and cities.

Apparels and accessories as a category emerged as the ‘most purchased’ at 84% and surpassed Electronics (71%) to become the leading category for online shopping. The frequency of purchase was also higher for this category (34%) which makes it more profitable because of repeat purchase.

Reports also specified industry names that are involved in the apparels category and how and where they have displayed growth. About 55 per cent of the business on is driven from beyond top 10 cities at present due to the reach and access provided by the online platform. is also expecting a four-fold increase in clothing sales through online platform by the end of financial year 2013-14.

As previously covered by iamwire, Flipkart has been one of the recent names to enter the apparel category section. All of these statistics further make clear the reason there is a shift of trend towards apparel e-tailing, and that this trend is not only viable but here to stay.

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