Industry response for Internet Retail Expo 2013

Praveen Sinha, Managing Director and Co-founder,
A great initiative to bring a lot of people together with diverse set of experience but with a common zeal for ‘internet retail’ as it has lot of offline retailers. Secondly, when you have two set of community expertise and knowledge sharing happening and the networking in terms of co-creating more value, be it business development, be it coming together for creating a new initiative.

Bijou Kurien, President & CE, Lifestyle at Reliance Retail Ltd
IRE is  growing year upon year, it is also a platform where you have a lot of content given out to potential and existing ecommerce players, it’s a forum where you have service providers, technology providers, retail marketing consultants, digital marketing consultants and companies, all of them together in with unique sense, it’s like a marketplace for internet retail.

(L-R) Bijou Kurien, Dev Khare, Rajesh Nahar, Praveen Sinha, Manoj Chandra, Sandeep Agarwal, Rajesh Sawhney

Vikram Sehgal, VP, Research Director, Forrester
Good venue, it’s a great crowd it’s a good mix of established and as well as new panelist and I think it’s a good forum for lot of people to share findings and is big enough for all sort of people to meet other people and ‘learn’.


Rajesh Sawhney, Founder, GSF Superangels
I like the fact that at one place I can meet so many people taking part both offline players & online players and I think exhibition is the nice part. though I haven’t explored it yet, will go down and see.

Dev Khare, Venture investor, Lightspeed Venture Partners, India
I have met the CEOs of many other retailing companies including offline companies.


Rajesh S Nahar, CEO,
My presence fundamentally was to meet, we had met with various CXOs sharing challenges, understanding where the industry is leading into, networking is the one thing that I really like. Secondly, I see this time there is a lot of  product companies available on the shelf which a ecommerce companies can adopt like, building upon their analytics engine or merchandising tool, ERP’s, as there are already lots of products available which I came to know only after coming to this event,  and afcourse the speakers, the panelist their key inferences that’s something keeping you interested in this particular event.

Amol Arora, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Shemrock & Shemford
It’s an amazing learning experience, coming from outside the industry, educational sector, where we can use the term dinosaur for technology, coming from schooling sector which still are very old fashioned we are very low tech in nature, for me it’s being a eye awakening the fact that I came here for the second day after being here at the first day. Speech of the high quality speakers is the learning experience; one thing is the it’s being a amazing learning experience. Secondly its being a excellent networking, meeting the who is who of the industry the kind of “gyan” you getting at the personalized level the opportunities over here is excellent. Third is when you come here is you feel why you can’t read this in a book these statistics, but the kind of motivation you here, you can’t get from reading a book so I think it’s very important that people should come to Expos like this.  Our organization would grow with the knowledge that has been pumped in here.

Aashish Puri, Co-founder and COO,
I love the mix of different kind of promoters/ companies you have brought in who are technology providers to retailers. I thinks it’s the gamete of the entire ecommerce industry which you bought together. I think it’s wonderful opportunity to network with very intelligent people who have made some fantastic companies in India. I am learning a lot of new statistics myself so I think it’s very much educational that way. So I think it’s a wholesome experience.

Sandeep Agarwal, Founder & CEO,
I must say that you people have come a long way, I came here last year I was a speaker I happen to visit exhibition center multiple times, I saw, I heard a lot of other speakers attended, lot of panel discussions, it has come long way, I think. I was in silicon valley last 15 years, I have been a speaker, Key Note Speaker, Guest Speaker, Panelist in almost every Internet Conference in US for last 8 years. Today I felt that your event is comparable to any other international event of same stature, so would say congratulations, you guys are doing a great job and the ecosystem needs you as much as you want to host this event, thank you for hosting, it’s a great initiative.

Siddharth Talwar, PE / Angel Investor
What I find is no one really does too much to help people who don’t use the internet to sell goods, to help teach them the best of using honestly the internet to sell goods, because its like going from one industry to completely different industry and doing that is very difficult. IRE helps you to hand hold that process and I think that’s why I like coming to IRE.

Dietmar Jobst, CEO, DSCE Global
I like the charming support we are getting here, I like the place, it’s a amazing place. I believe the audience those who are listening are very ambitious, positive thinking, listening and understanding ecommerce growth, it’s a success story.

Manoj Chandra, Founder & CEO,
I think it’s primarily the only platform that exists in this space in this country its four years now, its pretty established. It has become the industry forum and that’s where you see every year the event growing multifold both in terms of share square, footage it occupies and the number of people who engage in the kind of discussions that happens. Any industry to grow needs a trade forum and this is one of the best which the ecommerce industry in India has today.

Gobind Pahwa, Vice Chairman, Shopnineteen
Thank you to iamwire for inviting me and for inviting Shopnineteen. It’s a good place for everyone from the industry which is really growing and nowadays in the news, to meet to exchange ideas. I think it definitely provides the platform for companies like Shopnineteen to showcase themselves to be heard. We got to meet a lot of seniors of the industry and to learn. So it’s a good platform, I wish that iamwire keeps this up to have a platform like this to showcase every year.

Vijay Misra, Founder Director, Intuitent Online
Any club, institute, organization which is working to create an infrastructure to support budding entrepreneurship in the country it’s a good thing; it goes beyond the call of business. It’s supporting the growth of nascent industry I think it’s a lot of big job being done there.

Vijay Singh, CEO & Managing Director, AaramShop
I was very impressed, it’s the second time I spoke here, it’s easily 100% bigger then last time, I was very impressed with the quality of exhibitors, I think it’s a very nice business forum; probably it is the largest focus forum in the country today. I was also very much impressed with the quality of interaction I had and the other speakers, it’s a fantastic forum I hope to see more of these, I hope you do it in more cities. It’s a very nice format.

Kalpit Jain, Chief Operating Officer, netCORE Solutions
Speaker presentations gave a very good insight of why companies should go online or should not go online, content in sessions was very important as it gave clarity on what the people should focus upon. I think the audience over all has been very relevant; they are from the ecommerce space, some of them are budding entrepreneurs, some of them are already existing ecommerce portals, I think that makes IRE as a great event.

Ester Martinez, Founder & Managing Editor, People Matters Media Pvt Ltd.
I very impressed when I came in, I think it’s something that’s fueling the ecosystem, organization like yours is making the ecosystem come together. When people come together there are lot of ideas that are sparked, there are lot of collaborations that happens, there are lot of holding hands to solve the industry challenges so I think that’s where you play a very important role to make this a much faster evolution of the industry.

Gagandeep Arora, Country Leader – Industry Solutions, IBM SWG Group, ISA
Interesting session, I found a lot of different set of people here, different experiences of the people. There are lot of retailers, etailers, there are people from technology, there are people from retailing entrepreneurs here; what I found was a good mix of people, interactive in terms of how they are trying to look setting up their own businesses. I believe it’s a good forum where you bringing people for knowledge sharing.

Sathiyanarayanan Vijayaraghavan, Head, Global Retail Practice, ThoughtWorks
It’s actually a fantastic forum and I am not saying just to be nice, seriously I like IRE, the breadth of things that a etailer needs, that’s kind of found here. You have people from all across the board, from logistics, supply chain, 4PL, payment folks to Internet Folks. You see a wide spectrum of folks who contribute to our digital ecosystem being present in the single place, I think that’s a fantastic thing and just in growth from last year to this year in terms of presence, the number of people, the number of partners that are there at the show, I think that’s the fantastic thing both for etail community and for folks that here to figure out how can they help in the online space.

Hansa Sachdeva, Chief Marketing Officer,
I have watched the Internet Retail Expo for the couple of years now, and I think that I am particularly happy to see the scale that it has achieved, the way it has grown, you have done extremely good job.


Salil Sahu, CEO, HSIL
Its absolutely wonderful, I think the audience was wonderful the organization has been wonderful, the topics that have been chosen for this have been wonderful. The topics that have been chosen for this conference had been extremely apt and this had been done in a very methodical professional way.

Seby Kallarakkal, CEO, Nabler Web Solutions Private Limited
The entrepreneurs we met, the variety of people we met, people who have jewellery business, shoes, leather and they all have different takes on how they will figure out or solve commerce challenge, so I think that’s the most fun part, most interesting part for me to meet all this people.

Manish Chaturvedi, Vice President-Product Marketing, Citixsys

One thing which is unique here is the concept of workshop, which is very interesting, I haven’t seen that happening in many places, you basically engage your audience and this goes in line with the process of internet retailing. Day 0 was spend in engaging the audience, that’s something interesting and good, another thing is that IRE made it easy to interact with the speakers, though as a speaker you sit in a different place but here you can move around at different place, meeting the speaker is that much easy which doesn’t happen in most of the places, they are confined to specific room, they come in the auditorium and swift away. The exhibitions are good, it’s a very big debatable point here; the path that they take to go to the main auditorium is also debatable, you have to pass through every booth, as an exhibitor I think it’s a good thing otherwise there had been a separate entry to the auditorium where all the workshops are happening there would be possibility that the guy who has the booth in the corner would just be drumming thumbs for someone to come. It has been fairly interesting and engaging kind of conference over all from last 3 days.

Sarabjeet Khurana, Director – Website Security Solutions (SEA / India & SAARC), Symantec
First and the foremost thing is the concept you are working on. Every event of this nature serves 3 purposes its learn, collect and profit; The people are learning a lot from the peers, technology providers and suppliers, connecting well and they might end up profitably from the entire experience, so I think, your set up is serving the very fundamental of learn, connect and profit. Secondly, detailing i.e. the group that is running the show they have gone into real details so I think there is nothing left for the last minute to plan and execute. Food is beautiful, the choice of food and drinks were amazing.

Bal Krishn Birla, Co-Founder,
I see a good number of people, who are outside ecommerce are coming here, I keep meeting a lot people who are into ecommerce that’s our day to day job, I was very excited about the topic that you guys gave me was around simplifying internet technology a lot of us technocrats use a lot of buzzwords to sell in our careers. I have actually met people who are garment suppliers, who have done the offline businesses, just trying to explain them technology in very simplistic term attract them.

Mrinal Chatterjee, Founding member and VP of Engineering & Technology,
This was my first time I have been in this event, it is very well organized, I think you have some great sessions, some great speakers, the overall organization the overall, the enthusiasm of the participants, the booths, are very well put together and have a lot of subject matter experts.

Kaushal Mehta, Founder and CEO, Motif, Inc.
This is an emerging industry and there is no parallel to such an Expo, purely educational, if people really want to know what is going on, the diversity of speakers you have, the panel discussions, they are not India centric, they were cutting edge on what was happening in the world, I think knowledge is absolutely foremost. Networking with people of similar interest, meeting people who have interest in similar industry, someone may be building customer support, someone may be doing technology but it would be great to know what is going on. Lastly the supplier selection and the suppliers having the ability to talk about, and suppliers are at the cutting edge of what is available therefore educating that to the audience and they having the visibility to talk about what they have been working upon.

Kurian John, Product Manager for Aqua Portfolio, Asia Pcific Japan Akamai Technologies
It’s a great thing, it brings a lot of people who have ideas and services; and ability to deliver it and a set of people who know this big thing is happening i.e. online retailing in India, to see if they can leverage it.  This Expo is a fine combination of people who know it very well and the people who can use it very well and that meeting place is here and over the years this Expo in his own way and shape has reached a level, it is very big this year. This is gonna be one of the things that will be spoken as the important that has led retailing in India to the next level. Like just to throw an analogy if you go and ask what is the reason that Silicon valley has all the entrepreneurs etc, is the schools there etc. An analogy here is this that, Expos like this make that connect between the people who had that services and smart ideas and the people who can need and make money out of it, and that connection makes such a forum.

Sanjay Sethi, Co-Founder and VP-Products,
It’s my first time in IRE, I was very impressed by the set up, the speaker who were here, the kind of people I was able to meet. Awesome setup very well organized, great networking opportunities for us.

Ashish Kashyap, Chief Executive Officer, MIH India, Ibibo Group
It’s evangelizing to both, online and offline world to use internet retail, there is a huge need in this country to evangelize. Its creating a platform for young entrepreneurs and industries to come and solve various key pieces of the puzzle in the internet retail industry; to come and interact with the whole audience is the second thing. Third thing, it is a creating a good platform for people to network and communicate and discuss all the opportunities and challenges.

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