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Startup Showcase:, launched in September 2012, is the Online Supermarket in Noida & Ghaziabad, Serving 1000+ customers across the region. Noida where supermarkets are situated 7-8KM far and are fewer in number, understands this need and serves all the grocery needs of the people.

Divyanshu, Co-Founder and Director,, said, “A lot of companies have come up in the online grocery space in different cities, having their own propositions and understanding of operating the business. It would be hard to say that Pepper’s is very unique and the very best, but yes Pepper’s do has its own approach.”

In beginning Pepper’s has a small base of people, but now it has 1000 customers who purchase on repeated basis and on daily basis there are around 30-50 customers visiting and purchasing from it and has more than 5000 registered customers. It’s selling on gross margin up-to 12-14%. The site currently offers around 4000 products to the customers with 100 SKUs and 100-150 categories.

Coming to the operations, Pepper’s is focused on customer satisfaction and user-experience. “We have tried to build a user friendly website and easy, we were part of UX design in the past, we have tried to make a website easy to shop,” says Divyanshu. is also capitalizing on easy-to-go website and its express service of “Free Home Delivery” in 3-6Hrs, which it sees as the major reason for lot of customers are trying the service. Operating from a single warehouse in Indirapuram, Pepper’s delivers to its customers through its own chain of delivery boys. The company is very active mainly in this region and is having TG among people in the age of 20-40.

Speaking on the market opportunity in this space, Divyanshu said, “As there are not a lot of Super Markets in Noida and Ghaziabad, and as people here are educated and understand what online shopping is, it makes a huge opportunity for us. We plan to get customer base of around 1 lakh in a year on board.”

Gopeppers is currently bootstrapped started with initial investment of 20 lakhs. Having an annual turnover of more than a crore as per the company officials, the company has plans to expand its business further and cater to more regions in Delhi NCR. It is looking for 1st round of funding and is in talks with VCs & Angel investors for the same. For its expansion in Delhi it’s looking for 10-15 crores and in case for going live only in NCR region it will be looking for investment of 2-3 Crores.

For Marketing it is trying both online and offline model, as online marketing doesn’t reach more to the local region, so it is putting in for offline marketing and is spending more on offline marketing then the online marketing. It is active on Facebook and Google and for offline, it is distributing kiosks, Flyers and has also placed its banners, hoardings in the region.

It has team of 4 core members and 6-10 people to manage delivery chain and the office management.

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    Its going to be really uphill task. there is hardly any value proposition. value per unit of weight being moved around is so low that it will eventually become uneconomical to even hire out those boys to deliver it.

    How better is it than to open a big store in one of the corners. of course it would need lot of money but really nothing else to differentiate …

    those best of luck guys..

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