Kansin Group expands portfolio with Pehraan.com

Kansin group which is a premium exporter of garments and leather products from the last 30 years catering primarily to European markets, has ventured out once again in Indian online market with the launch of Pehraan.com , a Web exclusive brand for Ethnic wear.

Catering in apparels for women, Pehraan focuses on shipping and delivery of the products within the 24 hour’s time deadline with their automated backend technology. Gobind Pahwa, Vice Chairman & Narinder Mahajan, CEO, Shopnineteen, are the brains behind Pehraan.

Instead of introducing a new vertical in category section under the already existing Web Only brand for women, Shopnineteen.com, Kansin group went for an altogether new online store Pehraan targeted to consumers of ethnic wears in contrast to Shopnineteen.com which has influences of western style.

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