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Retail goes Online:

Orosilber, Indian  brand for Luxury men’s Accessories, Women’s jewelry & Gift Items has recently went for 24*7 exclusive online store. It has been selling online on 145 other websites and also exporting products to 48 countries as of now.

Started in 2001 as a silver jewelry manufactures in Delhi, the company was first approached by Tajonline for listing their range online in 2005 which was later followed by several other marketplaces. On speaking with Anil Goswami, Director, Orosilber, about the launch, he commented, “We have been always keen about the online since 2001 and waited for this boom to happen.”

When asked about what value will an exclusive online store will add in this category?, he said, “We normally maintain inventory  that we feel we can even sell it from our online store, also the store will help us in off season sales.”

Orosilber has opted for a premium positioning in men accessories category selling cufflinks, ties, socks, tie clips and more; also being a vendor to multiple brands. The website offer worldwide shipping and accepts payment by Paypal and all major credit cards.

With increasing demand for accessories among males the overall market size of men accessories is certainly growing and getting more competitive in India.

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