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Pearl Academy to start a dedicated course for Fashion & Lifestyle eCommerce

With the growing market for online fashion and lifestyle products in India, Pearl Academy of Fashion is looking to contribute to the rising demands for skilled professionals for this industry with their dedicated course for e-Retail focusing on Lifestyle Products and categories.

Commenting upon the need for such a course, Nandita Abraham, VP, Pearl Academy of Fashion said, “The Fashion & Lifestyle sector is a fast upcoming segment of ecommerce in India, where the product and product variables have to be creatively communicated to the consumer. At the same time the width and depth of products required in this field requires a lot of planning. Understanding the e-consumer and his preferences, loyalties and relating those to user interface and product is essential for the success of any business. Graduates from this course will be able to contribute positively to the growth and success of an e-business or start one up themselves for existing store retailers or as entrepreneurs.”

Pearl Academy has partnered with Adobe and other companies, for the roles of Advisory Committee for the Course and to support the course in terms of Curriculum Development and training. The course is developed with help of these industry experts keeping in mind the needs of the industry and will be a 1 year course commencing from September 2012.

Pearl Academy of Fashion is one of the dedicated fashion business education institutes in India, with a 19 year of experience and 2,000 students across its 4 campuses in Delhi, Noida, Jaipur and Chennai.

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    HI ,I am a house wife.I would like to join your institute u dont have any short term courses in which u give information about latest fashion, make up ,style & so on …..Plz reply soon.

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    Thats really good step… Nandita Ma’m its really inspiring to know that. I would like to attend a workshop if it happens anytime. Keep me posted.

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