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Statistics & insights to help marketers get more personal & local in Digital: ADMA report

Now with more than a billion of Internet users in Asia Pacific which is nearly 46% of worlds total, Asia Digital Marketing Association (ADMA), a non-profit organization with a mission to grow the use of digital for effective marketing investment released its ‘Asia Pacific Digital Marketing Yearbook 2012’ with collective data and trends across the Asia Pacific Markets. The statistic & insights are provided to help marketers get more personal, local and effective in their digital marketing strategies.

The aggregated data, trends & demographics for Indian market in this report can provide a handy snapshot for understanding demographics of India Internet Users and their usage patterns. Below are the some findings for the growing Indian Market aggregated in/from the report.

Table 1: Demographics (India)

Statistics for Ecommerce in India

  • Indian e-commerce market hosted US$3 billion of transactions in 2011 (Source: IAMAI)
  • It is forecast that more than US$20 billion worth of transactions will be carried out online over next five to seven years in India and 12-15% of the country’s shopping activities will move online. (Source: IAMAI)
  • A total of 9 million Indian internet users carried out online transactions in 2011. This number is predicted to reach 38 million by 2015. (Source: Avendus)
  • India’s B2C market is expected to grow at a CAGR of 34.2% between now and 2015 (Source: Emarketer)
  • Online retail sales will reach US$2.4 billion (excluding online travel) in 2012, with the number of online buyers in the country expanding to 21.5 million (Source: Emarketer)
  • In November 2011, approximately 60% on Indian online users visited retail sites, with 7.6 million and 7.1 million users visiting coupon and consumer electronics sites respectively (Source: Comscore)

Table 2: Top Retail Sites (Source Comscore Media Matrix, March 2012; Total Audience)

Table 3: Purchase (Source: Global WebIndex)

Some Trends in Mobile, Digital Advertising & Social Media

  • Of the India’s general internet population, 9% of go online via mobile. (Source: IMRB)
  • At the beginning of Q4 2011, the number of mobile internet users reached 43 million. (Source: IMRB)
  • By 2015, India’s 4G service is projected to account for 28 million connections. (Source: Avendus)
  • India could become one of the top five countries for smartphones by 2016, representing almost 10% of the entire world supply. In 2011 it represented 2.2% of it. (Source: IDC/Campaign Asia Pacific)
  • Online Advertising in India is currently generating $410 million a year and represents 7% of total advertising spent. By 2015, it is expected to generate $1.6 billion and comprise 10-15% of India’s overall Ad spent. (Source: Economic Times)
  • Mobile Advertising spent came to US$56.5 million in 2011. It is forecast to reach $247 million by 2015. (Source: Emarketer)
  • India’s total social networking audience now totals 43.5 million according to one survey. (Source: Comscore)
  • There are more than 33 million users who on more than one social networking sites in India. These sites are attracting more than 45,000 news users every day. (Source: Scribble/Techonzo)

For more information in terms of social media reach, work profiles, and various other statistics for Indian & other markets in Asia Pacific, download the full report from here.

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