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Springstar incubated global project ‘Juvalia & You’ now in India

Springstar GmbH, a Berlin based Incubator has ventured in Global project Juvalia & You, a social selling company currently operating in Germany, Brazil, Russia and now India. Juvalia & You has its headquarters based in Berlin with Chriatian Wallin as CEO (Global) and Chaitanya Aggarwal as CEO (India). The company is backed by Oliver Jung, Harish Bahl, Klaus Hommels, Investment Partners of Springstar., the Indian version operates in synergy with Juvalia Marketing Private Limited, which is owned by members of Smile Group. The website has been operational since April and has 18k+ Likes on Facebook within a month. Springstar is also the incubator/investor behind Fashion & You, Deals & You, and Harish Bahl, investment Partner in Springstar leads its operations in India and Asia-Pacific and owns Smile Group. According to the sources has also raised investment of around US$15 Mn as of now.

Juvalia & You is global jewelry social selling portal, and lists range of fashion jewelry and accessories. It also allows its members by registering as ‘stylist’ to sell products through referrals or social sales pitch for earning commission who in turn can appoint subsequent sellers. One can even book a ‘styleshow’ where Juvalia & You will provide all necessary jewelry products for the showcase and trial, leading to social community marketing among females and capitalizing on word of mouth and social referrals based sales. It is supposedly a clone of Stella & Dot (US) with Magnus Resch, Managing Partner, SpringStar managing it personally and based on Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) Model for various countries of operation.

Springstar the German incubator of Juvalia & You is one of the aggressive incubators for ecommerce startup around the world and tracks some of the fastest growing economies including markets such as Brazil, India, Australia, Russia, and the Middle East.  Ecommerce in India though seemed to have captured the spotlight of Germany based Incubators and Investors with Rocket Internet GmbH also in the race where Berlin acting as ‘Silicon Valley’ of Europe.

Other companies in portfolio of Springstar are (US), Fab (Germany), Fashion and You (India),  beStylish (Indian), deals&You (India), with others in Russia, Brazil,  Australia, Turkey, UAE  and still more. Springstar was founded in 2007 by German entrepreneurs and angel investors Klaus Hommels and Oliver Jung, and Harish Bahl .


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