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Rocket Internet’s to be merged with Fabfurnish which is backed by Rocket Internet in India under its Westwing Project will now be merging with as per the company official. It was started by Tushar Ahluwalia, Nishrit Shrivastva and Sunnyraj Agarwal under EIR program last year, and was members only premium home and lifestyle products portal.

According to the sources, company has gone through a massive layoff recently and has also stopped taking new orders on currently.

Iamwire tried to contact Tushar Ahluwalia, CEO, Heaven & Home who refused to share much detail but clearly said, “I can only tell you at this point that H&H will be merging with Fab Furnish. Unfortunately, that’s the only information I can give you.” He also refused to comment about the reason of such a decision about the company and it remained unclear what sort of merger will it be?  However the traffic for Adwords ‘Heaven and Home’ is being promoted to Jabong through Google SEM.










Earlier BusinessWeek reported Rocket to phase out Bamarang which was operating in 12 countries including India to focus more on WestWing. But in the case of H&H, that comes under WestWing, questions on its fate yet remain unanswered. Whether is it a scale down or a backend integration? Whether Rocket will operate two brands together or will it phase out one? Or is it a failed experimentation in India?

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    A merger’s not a bad idea — fabfurnish offers a good, solid base of products, but it will be really cool if there were occasional sales of one-of-a-kind products as in the heaven and home model. Stuff that would *really* not be available on the website after a current sales cycles.

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    My order (paid through credit card) has not been delivered, has not been cancelled or refunded! Extremely unprofessional manner to phase out a business.

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    well h&h was never promoted as jabong is .. very few people know about the existence also .. how can they shut it and do a merger was one of its kind

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    It was a good model with some very good products. I am sure Fabfurnish will benefit from them. We at Art Emporio where being asked for featuring our products on H&H. I think a Flash Sales model in FF can be integrated for some deep discount products.

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    Unbelievable !!!!. H&H – They have cancelled all Orders and their Customer Service Lines are blocked. The model failed completely. That’s the biggest problem with E-Commerce in India. People think it’s too easy. And H&H just started. Bamrang was anyways a failed experiment from the start with no good products on offer. H&H on the other was an awesome model and they were offering some really cool stuff. It’s almost like they used people as guinea pigs for testing if the model works. The model didn’t work and they cancelled all Order under “Terms and Conditions”. I don’t want to sound pessimistic but H&H was always too good to be true.

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    What??? they just started?? what is happening to eCommerce in India, even Rocket folks are pulling back? Where will this industry go?

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