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New Delhi-based Carzonrent acquires Qcabs; Aims to expand service portfolio and reach

New Delhi-based Carzonrent, has acquired qcabs, an online car rental service aggregator, for an undisclosed sum. Post the acquisition, the qcabs team will work closely with Carzonrent to integrate the technology and processes and prepare a clear roadmap for the future.

Carzonrent operates in the personal ground transportation industry, with presence in the Radio Taxi space through its brand Easy Cabs as well as corporate leasing, while qcabs is an online care rental service aggregator operating through cab operators and agents in the unorganized sector.

Rajiv K. Vij, CEO, Carzonrent

Speaking with the press on the occasion, Mr. Rajiv K.Vij, CEO Carzonrent, had said, “Carzonrent today manages travel for at least 10,000 passengers on a daily basis. Our services are available at various hotels, airports and Corporates throughout the country. QCABS acquisition is part of our constant endeavour to gain a larger segment of the market and provide a better service experience. Our Radio Taxi foray as “Easycabs” is one such example.”

The acquisition seems to be a complete fit in terms of strategy as it plugs a visible gap in Carzonrent’s business. While the company has a strong presence in the organized space, this acquisition helps it to reach out to the larger and equally lucrative unorganized market with more customers across all major metros and towns. Qcabs was founded by Gaurav Dosi and Reshav Singla in 2011 and the portal was extensively used by travel agents from Mumbai and other metros for multi-day travel schedules.

Speaking on the impact of the acquisition, Rajiv, said, “With the QCABS acquisitions users can expect the launch of more innovative offerings. We are planning to increase our retail spread beyond the Airport operations of 5 cities and the QCABS founding team will be working with us on developing these models.”

Carzonrent was founded in the year 2000 by Rajiv K. Vij with the vision of offering safe and reliable medium of travel to customers and to give form and structure to the unorganized Indian personal ground transportation industry. The company has an authorised capital in excess of Rs.43 Crores and a paid-up capital of over Rs.42 Crores.

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