Ecommerce, News sees opportunity in uber lifestyle segment, aims to tap Indian and Foreign HNIs

Delhi based, a premium lifestyle goods and services company has launched its beta version in January 2012. The company aims to target the high-end consumers in India and offers exclusive, tailor-made as well as personalized experiences to its members. The company provides services such as personalized charters and yachts, golf and spa sessions etc. The venture is founded by Urvashi Bahuguna Sahay, who has over 12 years experience in Global Sales, Marketing & Strategic Planning.

Currently, the website showcases brands such as Bang & Olufsen, Tag Huer, Just Cavali, Rosenthal, Callaway etc. across a spectrum of categories including premium travel, hotels, shopping, nightlife, health & beauty, golf, wine and private charters.

While most of the players in Indian ecommerce industry are competing to offer affordable and low price product and services, is eyeing the high end luxury segment. Speaking about the opportunity in etailing of premium lifestyle products and services, Urvashi Bahuguna Sahay, Founder & CEO, Excluzen said “luxury in India is in an early stage, for example- the size of the whole Indian market is smaller than Singapore or Thailand, though the potential is large”.

Taking about marketing and ad spend strategies for the company, Bahuguna said “around 30-35 per cent of overall investment is attributed to marketing. Apart from that, we are also looking at magazine advertising. We have been doing below-the line activities such as running a contest on the Facebook page”.

Its digital marketing approach is geared towards users outside of India. Excluzen is not following a set advertising model but works on profit sharing with their partners and charge 10-20 per cent of the product value as commission.

Excluzen is expanding sections on the website and new categories such as art, health and holidays will get added. The company will also add an “Exclusive” section on the site, whereby a select partner can promote a limited edition product at a premium price.


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