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Exclusive: Zopnow experiences 75 % repeat purchases, claims to become profitable soon, a Bangalore based etailer of grocery and FMCG products has seen gradual growth since its beta launch in November last year.  Of late, Zopnow has been experiencing rise in demand of organic products and Italian condiments along with soap, home cleaning utilities which form a part of more than 75% of the orders.

Speaking about the growth of the company Mukesh Singh, Co-Founder & Zopper, said “At this stage we are not disclosing the actual number of customers or basket size. However, we enjoy a very high rate of almost 75% repeat customers largely driven by a good product selection, 3 hour delivery window and good customer service”.

 Sharing his thoughts on Zopnow’s future strategy, Singh said that we will leverage the hybrid model of online, call center, mobile application and physical touch. Our winning mantra would be to deliver great customer experience by providing our consumers with a convenient way to shop and in the process cut down the time she/he spends at the checkout counter, traffic and parking. In addition, we plan to address the selection and availability of products by having a broad relationship with an extensive set of vendors. We believe that not operating a formal physical store and operating a warehouse in a remote part of city would help cut down our operations cost. Our entry point for this business will be with non-perishable groceries and we will expand to other categories over a period of time.

Pointing out the purchasing behavior and category expansion, Singh said “a typical customer starts with staples, rice, lentil, flour, sugar, oil and beverage. Over the last 3 months, we have been seeing organic products and Italian condiments picking up fast and well. Home care and personal care gets added later but a shampoo, soap, home cleaning utilities would go in more than 75% of the orders. As far as category expansion is concerned, recently Zopnow added niche categories around Pet Food which is witnessing a good growth as well.

Zopnow is building its own logistics network as it believes that eCommerce is all about scaling the backend supply chain and logistics network. The financial viability of online business will largely hinge around the technology enabled optimized logistics/warehouse. Throwing light on its logistic and delivery approach, Singh added “we track all our deliveries via GPS enabled phone and our customers can see their deliveries in real time. We are leveraging the data collected to optimize the cost of a trip. We feel that there is large technology play in managing warehouse, logistics, prediction model for inventory besides a super smooth website/call center ordering experience. All these combined would help scale the business”.

As of now, Zopnow offers services to Bangalore and according to Singh; soon Bangalore would be operationally profitable. Answering the query on Zopnow’s plans for other cities, Singh said that once the model has been developed for a single city, it would be relatively easy to replicate the model across other cities.

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