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Retailers listed on registers unprecedented upsurge in traffic, reports 20 to 50 % hike

With the launch of, a marketplace led by numero uno global e-tailer Amazon, retailers listed on it are witnessing an upsurge of 20 to 50 percent of traffic on their websites routed from Junglee. Amazon has rolled out, a marketplace platform on February 2, 2012.

On the condition of anonymity one of the retailers listed on Junglee said “prior to getting listed on my website used to register 800 to 1000 visits on everyday basis, however, in last four days it has been hovering around 1000 to 1200 visits”. Validating this fact further, the retailer added while checking Google Analytics, visitors from stands at rank 3, after organic and direct search.

The above information explicably signifies that retailers listed on have been experiencing significant chunk of traffic from it. Another retailer listed on has indicated whopping 45 percent of rise in traffic routed from it. In addition to that, the retailer said “It’s been amazing experience to get listed on Amazon’s platform as it offers lots of opportunities to earn new consumers”.

On the other hand, there are lots of retailers who are still in process to get listed on and it would be interesting to witness retailer’s growth after their listing on Junglee. At the same time we have observed that marketplace always has challenge to protect the interest of consumers and sellers both. In the past we have seen eBay’s strict policy to ensure safeguard of consumers, however, it has not been pro retailers (listed on eBay). Having said the preceded point, it would really be interesting to watch the Junglee’s strategies towards consumers and retailers.

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    Jai: Could you please name the website/retailers whose traffic rose by 30-40%. I suspect these are small sites who were not getting enough eyeballs earlier.

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