“Retail in India is not woken up to the fact that etail is here and big” – Mahesh Murthy, Managing Partner, Seedfund

Internet Retail Expo 2012 has concluded successfully with various thoughts emerging from the think-tanks of the online fraternity. During the course of the event iamwire caught up with Mahesh Murthy, Partner Seedfund for a live chat. As expected, Murthy spoke at length on aspects like integration of offline and online Retail, investment perspective, marketing and few demises of e-tailers in 2011.  Below is the brief interaction.

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    Very well said, Mahesh. Specially agree with the part that consumer wants to buy anytime and expects business to be contactable anytime. To e-enable retailers in low cost yet effective way, we started Half Cookie in Mumbai. We hope to convert local retailer to adopt mobile and e-commerce in a simple way. Also there is one misnomer that if you are a e-commerce site, you need to service entire country. In our view, buy going online, a local retailer can service 30 km radium instead of 5Km radius. Even that is significant.

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