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LinkedIn launches feature for brands to create ‘Follow Company button’

World’s largest professional networking site LinkedIn has equipped businesses across the world to showcase their official LinkedIn’s ‘Follow Company button’ and link it to their official pages on the professional networking site.

This new feature on LinkedIn enables its users to stay up to date on followed company news, career opportunities, industry trends and insights.

Informing about the launch through LinkedIn’s blog, Mike Grishaver wrote, “we are excited to announce the launch of LinkedIn’s Follow Company button. Starting today, companies will be adding this button to their websites, making it easier for any consumer on the web to begin following companies of interest, on LinkedIn”.

According to LinkedIn, till February 2012, it has over 150 million professionals in its network ranging across all industries, sectors and geographies.

How it works

Click on the Follow Company button, as long as users are logged in to LinkedIn, they will automatically “follow” the company. If users are not logged in, a box will appear asking for LinkedIn credentials. After filling the credentials in a box, user will be added as a follower. On other hand, companies will engage with their respective followers through status updates and comments on LinkedIn. Status updates will appear on user’s LinkedIn homepage.

Iamwire take

Company follow button is a well placed move from LinkedIn as it enables both brand and its followers to connect and engage to optimize networking opportunities. Moreover, this feature eases the process of ‘following a brand’ on LinkedIn. With the introduction of Company follow button by brands, followers will engage, track and get updates about their developments on various aspects and vice versa.

To put a follow button on your own company website, click here

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