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India is the second top buyer market for lingerie & negligee:

With Valentine’s Day celebrations marked across the globe with same fervour, India has emerged as the second top buyer market for lingerie and negligee on portal, based on the total number of inquiries received from buyers.  As on December 2011,’s site analytics showed that India has emerged as a prominent buyer market, with the second highest number of search inquiries for sexy lingerie and negligee on the site.

Speaking about the growing demand for lingerie by Indian buyers, Nayan Thakkar, Manager, Sales & Services Operations said, “It is interesting to note that while flowers remain a global favourite to express one’s love, gifting choices in India are becoming increasingly bold. We have seen Indian SMEs sourcing sexy lingerie and various types of negligee from global suppliers to meet local demand. Sourcing online provides Indian traders with a cost-effective and faster way to bring popular international designs to today’s modern and demanding consumers.”

Indian buyers account for 13% of the total inquiries received for lingerie in the international marketplace of as on December 2011, preceded only by the U.S. contributing 21% of total inquiries.  Popular suppliers for lingerie for Indian buyers include China (88%), Hong Kong (1%), Malaysia (1%) and Thailand (1%) as per inquiries received on Indian buyers also ranked as the second the top buyer market for negligee with 18% of the total inquiries received. This category was led by the U.S. which accounted for 27% of the total inquiries received on as on December 2011.

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  1. 1

    Hello Mehul,

    The article writes that “India has emerged as the second top buyer market for lingerie and negligee on portal.” Indeed, the analytics are based on demand on the website, by businesses and/or individuals looking for lingerie and negligee through our platform – not on the number of consumers worldwide.

    We believe this data is a good indication of consumer demand as businesses respond to the needs of their local customers. In India, local businesses are sourcing products for their local customers, and there appear to be a lot based on our data.


    – Pamela
    Alibaba Group Corporate Affairs

  2. 2

    Good piece! but its missing a key detail – the sample set in question is limited to Alibaba patrons. Given that Alibaba has little to no advertising in Europe and Australia (?), it cannot be thought of even as a representative of global demand.

    For all we know, France could be the largest purchaser of lingerie online, and India could well be a non-entity on the map.

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