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Exclusive: Rahul Sethi’s, a marketplace for women goes live, a marketplace dedicated to women led by Rahul Sethi, erstwhile President, has unveiled its beta website to all and sundry. At present, it is an invitation based marketplace platform wherein shoppers have to register for transactions. The founding team consists of Rahul Sethi, Suneet Manchanda and Nagarjun Shrivastava.

Currently it offers around 2500 products across categories like cosmetic (1556), fragrance (192), lingerie (198), saree (304) and jewellery & watches (173). Ladyblush also offers price and brand filter for shoppers to buy things according to their brand and price range outlook. Looking at ladyblush’s brand catalogue, undoubtedly it showcases well known brands fused with economic brands as well. It offers brands like L’Oreal, Maybelline, Garnier, Artdeco, Deborah, H2O plus, Jovees along with Azzaro, adidas, Boss, Bvlgari and several others.

Navigation & UI

Ladyblush’s home page comes across as female consumer centric, attractive and boasts of easy accessibility to reach to the product one’s look for. The multi level navigation menu and category listings along with the product showcase suffice for the same. Color theme makes the navigation through the website and scan-ability an easy recourse.

Individual products are showcased clearly. Most of the products contain only single picture which can be further improved to make the shopping experience more happening and interesting. However, the product pages are informative as it is supported by enough description through content and sharp pictures.

Upon using the search feature we see a list of products which can be sorted/ filtered according to the brands and category and we hope to see the price filter soon. All in all, the website does cater to the shopping experience one would seek online.

Shipment & Logistics

Currently it offers only COD as a payment option and it seems payment gateway for plastic card transactions are in process of integration. As far as delivery is concerned, ladyblush is catering to limited demographics across the country; again here it seems work in progress. It offers free delivery on orders where the total order value exceeds Rs. 250. For orders of lower value a charge of Rs. 30 will be applicable for delivery. It also commits free delivery for elite consumers irrespective of order value; however, it is yet to be launched. Ladyblush entails easy returns within 30 days.


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