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Exclusive: Fernsnpetals registers 100 percent growth in business this Valentine season, avg ticket size up by 4X

Fernsnpetal, one of the leading etailers of flower, chocolates and other gifting products in the country experienced more than 100 percent growth this Valentine season as compared to last year.

Talking exclusively to iamwire, PawanGadia, CEO, said “Valentine’s Day is the biggest occasion for a florist and we have achieved a growth of 100% compared to last year and in fact the number of orders were so heavy that we had stopped booking new orders on 14th Feb at 9 am onwards”.  According to Gadia, in the first two weeks of the February,FnP delivered around 22000 orders while revenues grew from Rs 1.70 cr to 3.5 cras compared to last year.

Speaking about the split of orders across offline and online channels Gadia said “Offline was twice the amount of online business generated and executed”. However, FnP had experienced similar demand across the same categories of orders which constituted flower bouquets along with soft toys and chocolates from both online and offline stores.

Throwing light on the trends that FnP had experienced during this cupid season, Gadia said “red Rose has always been a top favorite every Valentine. This year along with roses, we have also seen an increase in the purchase of carnations and lilies. Moreover, consumers were also interested to buy soft toys and chocolates. So we made Valentine Gift Hampers which comprises a basket full of flowers, chocolates, soft toys, aromatic candles”.

Pointing out the top-selling products at during this Valentine, Gadia added “our top selling products besides flowers bouquets were rose plants, soft toy bouquets, chocolate bouquets, brass hookahs and lucky bamboos. On the other hand, customized bouquets had been proved as top favorite across demographics. This year the average ticket size per purchase is INR 1700, which is almost 4X when compared with Rs. 450 last year.

According to, Rose Day (i.e February 7) was the highest selling day;however, it had registered overwhelming demand between February 10 and 14. Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Gurgaon and Pune were the top 5 cities which had registered the highest numbers of orders.

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